Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long Day-Flibber Flabber Flap

Today was a long one, as if time stood still. Oh wait, yes I forgot, we were beamed with frozen time lazers which we worked and worked and worked and yet, no time passed, and hungry we were...Cranky I got, find peace I did, Yoda I am, Today was a day of Photo shooting for our Pixy Pocahontis and all the new earrings we have made in the last couple of weeks. It started off on the wrong side of the bed and was as if we were battling the whole rest of the day through the elements. Just as we finally got our creations together and ready to start the landscapers came to blow leaves out of the yard and cut the grass. Can you believe the nerve of them? giggle, how dare they take care of our Just kidding we are grateful for that but it was a haul trying to dodge the blowing leaves and dust AND to stay out of their way all the while chasing the sun rays for capturing a good picture. I will say although we are NOT photographers we did learn a lot today and Thanks to the Extreme Home Makeover show that we did with ABC, Genie remembered some good tips from the filming crews, MIRRORS. Mirrors to direct the sunlight to where we needed it for better lighting. giggle. So there we were, Genie aiming the small decorative wall mirror we had and me trying to rearrange each item for the perfect shot. It was fun. What I like the most about it all is it is a learning process and each time we just get better and better.. I'm tired, Thank you for reading and have a good day:) Thank you Ava for your cute giggles and Genie for her tree hugging..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Ready....Check... And off we goooo!

Hello, and Wow.. I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post... Are we in warp speed or what???? Getting ready for the Holiday season, yay!
Oh and I just wanted everyone to know about Genie:) She is a wonderful friend of mine and is part of Nato Botto Art's journey. Together we have been working hard to produce fun new things like......Baked Fruitcake. Its all about fruity ideas baked with love by some peeps following their hearts and that's us!! Our newest creations are called Pixy Pocahontis and they are SOOOO CUTE! Hair accessories to bring out the pixy or Pocahontis in us all:) Whether your a kid or a adult they make smiles all around. Items will be available on soon:)
We are still working on our bookmarks as well, OH AND TONS of Funky fun earrings and necklaces in the works... SOOO much fun fun fun and all things made with Love Love Love!
Also if anyone is interested, we will be at the Edwardsville, IL Tiger Band, 17th annual Art and Craft Fair the weekend of Nov 14&15 from 9-4 on Sat and 11-4 on Sunday. Hope to see you there. More show listings to come!!!!!!!!!!ta ta for now:) lol