Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sharing a Mixed Media Process

It's funny how things come together..
Flowing one into the next, 
manifesting the greatness that makes you smile
and then you pass it on. 
Stream of consciousness here..lol
I have to get a door dinger/ringer, 
thing-ma-jiggy for this studio.
 Here I sit back in my studio, where I am VERY happy
 to jump up and greet peeps, but They come in like ninjas
1. I am hard of hearing (but if I use my new Mala and do some chanting of affirmations, maybe I can heal that shit, make my ears like a teenager. giggle)
2. I am all the way in the back room usually here working the technicals or whipping up some piece of art or another. 
SO my plan....
I am manifesting a little fairy that will stand guard by the door and inform me of guests by a little jingle in my ear.
I am :) I'll use my mala for that too...
Because it's magical like that.

 Here is a recent mixed media process I did.
It started out as a line drawing.
and I experimented with my new 
watercolor pen brushes on it. 
used a little Prismacolor for some added texture.

Here's a little dose of Love for your day..
Such a little cutie. 
He wanted to pose in front of the 
pumpkin patch we discovered growing out of 
our mulch pile. 
"Indiana Jones finds pumpkins"

Sometimes things don't go as planned. 
Initially I thought I wanted to add some decorative papers to the leaves in the drawing so I used tracing paper to cut exact 
leaves to match the spaces.
You know us artist's, 
we're pretty particular.
The colors just didn't work for me....

I got a little down on myself for "wasting time",
Like there is some kind of fucking time limit on long one should spend on a creation. 
I used (is that a correct word to use? lol) to get paid hourly. 
I would estimate my jobs according to how long I thought the process would take me
and that, plus materials is how I got paid. 
so..."wasting time" was getting to me, even though I HAD to
do this process in order to know (so I "thought") 
if it would work or not. 
And you know what...I think what was getting me frustrated after the fact the most, was that 
I DIDN'T listen to that little voice that said, 
"oh I don't think those colors are gonna be right"
BUT I fucking still wanted to see what the general idea would look like, 
so "I" bypassed the general who already knew the right choice. 
Ultimately "wasted time"
but did I really? 

Do you get down on yourself for little things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things? 

A little more water color and ink.

Hen and chicks in the garden, love love love

And some flowers...

This lady is ready for a transplant to wood..


Brought some of the ink to the white surface,
but guess what? 
I didn't like it. It was too much together so...

not really, just playing with the camera..
Focus man Focus..

This little dude is having his 4th Birthday Party this 
weekend...He picked Buzz Lightyear as his theme.
This party is gonna be a blast!
Looking forward to the smiles and laughter.
He is growing into quite a little
intelligent gentle roughhouser sweetie pie smoocher.
It's gonna be a wonderful day! 



Some final




What is love to you?

Love is everything....

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments you truly lived are the moments
when you have done things in the spirit of love-
Henry Drummond Quotes

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Got an Itch

Good day all! I hope you had a great Holiday. 
Ours was nice, full of family, smiles, play, fireworks, food, swimming, giggles. 

Although I am grateful for the lovely break we had together,
 my heart is longing to explore and feel the 
sun shine down on my face,
 in quiet. 
This is not my usual post. 
Today is a share on adventure.
Who wouldn't want to go to these places? 
Who wouldn't want to just float face up with nature all around and then flip over, open your eyes under the crystal clear water and look at the world below sparkling in the sunlight...

Or just sit and watch the sun travel across the sky as the clouds soar by and all you hear is the flitting sand.

Walking this path might be a tad scary if it were windy but man the view...

How gorgeous is this? 

A peaceful walk down this bridge...
yes please!

This is where I want to be right now. 
In this hut, waking to the sound of water sloshing 
gently against its pillars. 
Stepping out to the turquoise water, tropical fish abundant, 
mask, raft...
Adventures in the jungle..

This place has been in my dreams so I must have been there before? 
Maybe someday again? 
Where shall we go, my sweetie and I? 
Well, for now I'm of to paint...
Shows to get ready for :) 
Have a great week!