Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anyone Interested in Getting a Little Bit of Nato Botto Art for Free?

Giveaway time
This event ends Wednesday May 4,2011 at 11:59 pm CST. :)
Winner will be announced on Friday May 6th on my blog.
Participants who do not respond within five days of my announcement will miss out.. :(
And a new winner will be chosen.
SO Please come back and claim your prize or I will cry..
sniff sniff..
I also want to add that there is a age limit of 18 and up.
Sorry kiddos out there.
All that is required for entry is leaving a comment
here on this blog entry (most preferable) or on my Facebook or tumblr
page stating what item you are interested in.
Tweeting this blog entry is ALWAYS greatly appreciated but
not required. But would be super fantastic giggle

So begins the fun!!
Would you like to see what this Nato Botto Art thing is all about?
Would you like to experience the magic?
Well you can :)
And I hope when you receive your lovely item you jump up and down and spread sparkles of joy where ever you may be.
If you are interested in a essential oil
(I am giving one bottle away, one specifically chosen for you)
Please state which of the following uses you are interested
in using it for..examples

1. physical ailments/healing
2. emotional healing/release
3. focus
4. Peace and calm/anxiousness/worry
5. Case of the bitchy crabbies :)
I will send it with instructions on what to do with it :)
Please take a peek at my website with some of the oils listed
If you feel uncomfortable sharing comments about this on my public posting areas please feel free to contact me directly via email.
You can leave a message on my oils website or at
The more specific you are the better suited oil I can choose for you.
These are medicinal grade, pure, free of chemicals..
100% natural and Fantastic!
Next onto the artsy goodies.
This is Patience.
She is one of Pixy Pocahontis's close friends.
Pixy Pocahontis says...
"Call on Patience when you need patience."
(this is the back side of the pendant)
She will help you stay focused, peaceful, loving, joyful, and "patient" on your journey, following your heart.
This photo was taken before I had a chance to get a chain on it.
It will come on a chain:)
Next we have a pendant called..

Trust The Process... this message has helped birth some of the various forms of artwork listed on this site. Has been used as a mantra to keep the creative energy moving. Trust the Process and see what you can birth into existence...

And last but certainly not least
a pair of earrings that I love!

I think they are peaceful, appealing
radiant and sure to gather comments.
Pictures do not do them justice.
They are made from silver components and Vintage glass beads.
Perfect for
summer evening, wind blowing in your hair, walking along the beach, watching the sunset on a full belly of the most delicious meal ever eaten..A smile in your heart.
Look forward to hearing from all of you!
This is just the beginning..Things only blossom from here...
I hope hope you'll join me on my journey
Natalie Kelsey

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Oh beautiful Monday
Fabulous Sunday

What brings my way today?
Well lemme say focus is an issue today.
I think I got a loose spark plug or something.
Need to check under the hood..
"Oh coffee, where art thee?"
"Let me fly to you and absorb your robust steady boldness"
"Your scent so delights me and my eyes widen with just a sip"
Oh this was hours ago, ya see I still haven't finished this blog posting..Focus man,... she, is getting the better of me today.
Everything is such rattling candy wrappers in my ears.
Like the dog on the kids movie "Up".
Steadily focusing and then all of a sudden
and I am off to another subject.
So much to do..
I am grateful.
"Call on Patience, when you need patience."
She is a character in the Pixy Pocahontis
She was created for a reason..
Every time I see her I remember..
"Every thing is falling together in divine timing.
All I can do is my best."
Do you need patience?
I wanna share some photos of the little guy
cause he is just so darn cute
(Sidetrack right?)
and growing at the speed of light..

This may be an unusal blog set up..I am having some very odd technical thingy's going on here..This could be fun...A change? Random Strangeness..

Well here is Lukas and Indie..He is such a good brother to Indie..

Oh this post is just cracking me up with this strange layout..I'm feeling a little out of my element and it's just a darn blog post..Feeling like I've lost some control or something over this blogging silly is that..Well you know what that means? It's time for some oils..

At the very top of my blog on the right side is a photo that looks similar to this one..It is a link to one of my favorite health essentials. I really hope you take a peek. And I want to share with you that I am going to be giving some oils away.. Please keep an eye out on Facebook for details..I want to share how wonderful they are with you..And let you experience how much they can truly can be beneficial in our everyday well being. I truly believe that all hospitals should include the use of essential oils. I won't go into all the details now, but know...
They can be extremely helpful in the stabilizing of peaceful, harmonious, joyful, positive, loving, caring, kind, energy which is the kind of energy every healing practitioner of any modality should always reside in.
I think it would be very well suited being diffused in a waiting area, nurses stations, patient recovery rooms, pre op, physical therapy, mental therapy..
STRESS relief!
The uses are endless..
These are NOT perfumes, these are medicinal AND wonderfully smelling, good for you and can be used in place of perfume.
And ingested, crazy right?
Obviously I am not advising you to go out and start eating essential oils but this brand you can..
There are guidelines, books, etc..
Any questions, please ask :)

Ohhh one of my favorite songs of "now"
is on..
It's a Nora Jones..
Not my Friend
I love the instrumentals in it.
Here is one of my newer necklaces that have not been added to the
shop yet. It is made form fun ribbons, knotted with raw wood beads.
There is a purpose..
I really thought it would be cool to massage a little shea butter or
coconut oils ALONG with
Essential oils!
They are wonderful and the scents linger all day to the next..
AND you can use it to massage your neck by un-tieing (is that a word?) it applying your oils and butter and rubbing it across the back of your neck, under your nostrils (giggle, kidding), wherever you please.
Also I think it could be a really cool camping necklace to rub oils
on that would help to repel insects.
Yep these oils work for that too.
AND, again..
They are good for you:)
If you want any oil recipes just leave me a message.
I will be happy to assist!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Going Down in the Town..Giggle

I've been diving in a lot lately..
Diving into the divineness of creation..

Swimming in it's color

Stopping mornings to network
Velcroing myself to the pilots seat
taking off into the
Web in search of people to share with.

Ways to spread the love.
I have been flying pretty stealth
promoting many artist's through the
wonderful world of tweeting.
Then back to the hub, the hatch patch
off to the world of creating..

On a Sad note:

My Grandfather passed this week :(
Although I am sad
I find it to be a blessing for him.

He will be greatly missed.
He was a wonderful man.
Sparkle in his big blue eyes.
Bear paw hands
smell of cigars
shoe horn
models models models.
He was a Master model maker.
Unbelievable the things he could create with his
hands as HUGE as they were.
Ice cream, popcorn, waffles with plenty of butter
Peanut butter and butter sandwiches
Big wet smooches on the cheek and
hugs ended with heavy pats.
He was the creator of many humorous
phrases of curses that made sense but didn't
but did. lol
I will remember you in your glory days not your last.

(2009 Jordan left Ava right playing dress up with gramma's clothes)

Beautiful soul, rest in peace yet soar
where ever your heart desires.
You are free
Love u

Friday, April 15, 2011

Different topic

Here is some information on essential oils if you are curious.
They are amazing!
click the link below

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Follow your Heart Story..

This past week/weekend my mom came to visit..
It was nice.
Look at the adorable blankie she made for Indie..
So Sweet.
Thank you Gramma!
She shared her new creations with me,

We took pictures of them..
so she can put them in her new Etsy Shop.
Stop in sometime soon if you'd like to make a purchase or just to spread the love

This is one of her adorable little necklace pouches.
I think they would be great for going to summer
festivals and such.
you can stick your keys, bankcard/cash, chapstick
in them.

I love her little wristlets.
No onto the Follow your heart story...

When Spirit calls I listen,
Even if it seems a little off the wall.
Sometimes it does :)
This was one of those times
but I had faith that there was a reason.
My heart said to go give my mom a hug,
hold her tight, tell her how much she is loved and
that she can let go of anything that is holding her back
release her yuck to the universe.
We all have some yuck to let go of.
here is the odd part :)
As I was walking down the stairs I passed one of my crystals,
why it was lying in the hallway I have no idea.
I don't recall putting it where it was.
But it called to me and a vision came in my head.
A vision of and the phrase
"stick the crystal in her heart"
is what I felt/saw.
I know odd right?
But I trusted the process and I went right down to my mom
hugged her, spoke to her and then
asked her to stick the crystal in her heart,
hold it there and meditate for five minutes.
She smiled and did.
Later she came up to the studio and said..
"I know this is gonna sound strange but when I opened my
eyes everything seemed brighter, more colorful."
Wow! I thought, so cool.
While she was meditating I drew a picture for her,
like a custom medicine card for her to put in one of her little pouches.
It was of two people facing each other, with a tornado-ish swirling brown energy coming from her heart, flowing out to the sky and being transformed into love energy.
I think she experienced what I drew and that is why she saw clearer
more vivid..clouds were removed.
All of this begins another adventure for me..

I would love to make custom medicine cards for people.
To be continued :)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buckle Up....Here we goooooo :)

I don't know what the future holds...

But I am going to stay strong to my beliefs..

I want to share my love, my passion with the world,
I want to spread joy..

I want the message to be clear

Can you hear it?
Your ideas are answers to what you have been
wishing, desiring, wanting..
Are you listening?

Your heart is a very powerful tool.
It manifests love..

What do you love?
What brings you joy?

What makes you flutter inside?
Your heart is your compass, follow it..
And remember..
Faith is a catalyst of possibilities

Inspirations can come from the most peculiar places

Plant your seed

Trust the process
Fear is just an accessory,
you either wear it or you don't

Focus only on what you want

Water it with Joy
Just be.
Be Kind

Be gentle
with yourself

You are loved

I do not know all the answers
But what I do know is...

Love is the key.
Welcome to Pixy Pocahontis