Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BlissFull Living Studio is now OPEN yay!!

Well its been a fun creation journey! 
I am so grateful for this dream come true!

When you set your heart to something and fully believe in miracles
 and believe in yourself, I believe anything can happen.

Here is a peek at our kitchen/storage area.

I love the industrial sink I found at a used restaurant supply warehouse.

 Instead of buying a countertop I opted for plywood and wax :)

I am so in love with these metal stools. We have twelve of them, which are to be used for the art workshops. 

This sales counter was a labor of love and is actually one of the first things I ever really built of "furniture" significance. I incorporated a stainless steel food prep table on one side..

LOVE how it turned out. Of course us artists always have imperfections to pick upon but, I will Let them go :) 

I love how everything came together...Like this painting. I totally did not plan for the red to match so perfect. But they do. It's just another one of the magical things that happened.

And the floors..Man they were challenging but I love them. I was inspired by Anthropologie. About 7 years ago when I was in one of their stores they had plywood floors. I think they were washed with paint or something and were not installed in this fashion but still left an imprint of "I want that" in my brain. Now, manifested. :) 

I am having so much fun. I have to pinch myself because this is REAL!!!! 

This is our permanent gallery space where we will house 

rotating art exhibits every 5-6 weeks.

Right now its crammed with my stuff :) 

I had these metal pink shelves left from my old studio space which I mounted to this "doorway niche" and put glass behind it to show off 

the Pixy Pocahontis headbands on all sides. 

I cannot believe how transformed this room is, well the whole place is but man this room was "shitty" Lol..


Through these doors is my studio space..

I am in LOVE with this painting...I feel like I am finally settling into a groove...seeing more of this awesomeness that is building in my chest....It makes me feel like a Care Bear :)

Now I have to get on top of painting and drawing. 
I've got a couple of shows to do this year.
One is Highland Art in the Park in October and the other...
Strange Folk Festival, which I hope I get into again because its an awesome show!
And I'm a little Strange, so, yeah :)  

Do you like the phallic wallpaper? lol
Makes me giggle. 

Thank you for stopping by...Be back soon with something less technical and more poetic :)