Monday, December 12, 2011

I know I'm not alone

Trying to focus solely on what I want here but I am finding it rather difficult to keep my ego at bay. This is a wonderful opportunity I have before me..Having an art rep, bringing my creations to market..

This is a serious gig, and my creations are not serious..They come to me magically, not creating by "color collection" no serious planning, just creation, so..This is like a school project and the grade is, "will they sell?"
My ego is racing with comparisons, trying to make everything perfect."IT" (ego) is questioning my taste, my selections, my process, etc... It's kind of getting me down and nutso over here.
I think this is something that every artist comes up against at one time or another.
I don't like it.
I am really banking on my
"trust the process" necklace lately.
I'm getting down on myself for taking so long to do EVERYTHING in this process.

A display to make, tags, postcard/brochure, headbands, finish my etsy site, stamps made, mannequin heads, photo shoot,editing, headbands headbands headbands-20 different styles.
All of which I am totally grateful for but honestly..
Even with all my faith in my creations, loving them with all my heart,
But honestly...

I'm afraid..
What if they are not liked.
What if they are made fun of.
What if what if what if....
Where is my power?
Just Fucking do it!
All is well,
All is well and you never know until you
"just fucking do it"
Focus on what you want
Follow your heart
trust the process
have faith
and...plant your seed..
I feel like such a hermit engrossed in all of this...
gotta go, gotta get this "show" on the road...
Please all, can you send me some love,

to help me stay focused on my heart, not the "what if's"?
Thank you
I am doing my best...