Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are we all on the Great Space Coaster? Time FLIES!!!

Have I ever stated HOW GRATEFUL I am?

I really really am! 

It's amazing the things we can accomplish and achieve when we put our hearts into it. When we are open for growth in all shapes and forms.

We meet new people and they are all pretty cool...

Always open for growth...

Always sharing kindness


Awesome Little Lovies...squeeze..


Strange Folk Festival 2015 was SO much fun! 

After the show a new gallery space emerged...

 Have you ever been to Blissfull Living Studio? 
We are Having our Holiday party Thursday Nov 19th at 7pm. 
You should come!! #funtimes

I love having plants in the studio...
They are so quiet and peaceful :) 

The above is a cute example of a creation you can make at the 
Washi Mixed Media Art Party...
12/3 @ 7pm
Cuteness... and what a great idea for a holiday gift?
Make a piece of art for them :) 
Have a wonderful Day!!!