Monday, February 23, 2015

Gosh golly Gee Whizzicers...
Sometimes I feel like taking my finger to my lips and wiggling it up
 and down really fast to make that silly annoying sound. 

The last couple of weeks have felt a little like that..

It has been a challenging few moments..But HEY isn't life supposed to keep us on our toes? 
Sometimes I feel its either Quiet or WTF? 
But I mean WTF in a Positive light. 
If I had to put it into a picture it would look like a tornado
of beautiful things swirling all around...
The foundation of the tornado would be a spiraling staircase which
 I am climbing. 
As I walk the stairs with everything I need swirling around me,

 I focus on the stairs and grab what I need from the whirling space I swirl towards my destinations. 
I have faith in this process which sometimes is a 
Being a Sole Proprietor, Entrepreneur, is a BIG Job.
There is so much self development that is gained 

in such ventures. Especially when you are looking in the right places. 
I have had a passion for Essential oils since 2009 when I was first introduced to them by Cristina Campbell. It was love at first sniff and I have learning about their use ever since. 
I love everything about them and this is why I use them...


I have to share out how I swirl towards my destinations...
I first began talking about Blissfull Living Studio in 2009. I started writing, planning, visualizing. I even got a chance to test the "taste" of something like it at a local Retail shop/Coffee House The Abbey Espresso Bar one Saturday a month...Here is a little lob blog snippet on it :) 

Moving on..that was right around that time when I learned of the oils from Cristina Campbell, "Lady of the Oils".

So there I was, making art, just started the Blissful Living Gatherings, learned about the oils and then...
Became Pregnant.
Had a baby, made more art, used the oils for family and personal use, made more art, had another baby...Used more oils...

My support was the oils. My husband was working WAY TOO MUCH,
 I had a new baby, orders to fulfill, then another baby, 
stir crazy...

Don't get me wrong, my life was NOT horrible 
but I like to FEEL my best. 
I don't like walking around cranky, negative and Zombified from lack of sleep, not feeding myself enough, getting enough exercise... 
The oils were helpful at keeping my spirits lifted when I was tired, unable to focus well, feeling sad, mad or even if I just wanted to get a little more spiritual...

Another way one could put it is...Some take Prozac or the like to make it through challenging times, I dripped and rubbed, inhaled or ingested essential oils. 
Currently my favorite use for the oils is my daily oils regime. I use Harmony on my Solar Plexus and White Angelica on my shoulders. With the Application I say an Personal Affirmation three times. 
Every time I smell those oils through out the day I am reminded of that affirmation.
The oils are such a great tool.

Grabs hiking stick*....
So here I am now in BLISSFULL LIVING STUDIO the REAL DEAL, not just the monthly Saturday Event...
And here I am selling the oils. 

The oils have become an intrinsic part of my lifestyle and I believe they need to be shared. 

I'm learning even more how to share them, how to network, build relationships. 
This is something I was/am needing in my Studio Art Business, almost like a missing link to success. Being an Artist I am at times pretty Solo making shit, lol...So learning how to build business relationship and such is really helpful to me :) 

Not only does Young Living have the possibility of completely changing one's health for the better, but also have the building blocks one needs to be a successful Entrepreneur no matter what business you are in. Young Living ALSO has the ability to provide GREAT abundance and prosperity and that's awesome to me because I like to travel, philanthropy, and have expensive taste. 
The Abundance is  monetary, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

Young Living touches every beneficial aspect of life and I am so grateful. 

So I am learning this business parallel to Blissfull Living Studio art workshops and creating art. 

So yeah, Tornado...but its all there... 
and spirals and swirls are pretty cool looking :)  
Everything that I have ever wanted to do I am doing...

Out of High School I wanted to be a nurse and at the time the Vortex wasn't open for that so here I am, the vortex has opened..
I am doing all of what I love.

A lifestyle of Art and Wellness.
 I don't know if that would have 
happened if I had gone another route. 

I am a wife, Mother, Artist, Author, Wellness Advocate, Teacher and Entrepreneur making my dream come true....

I am Slique, Chic, Modern, Savvy...Focused, loving, artsy and Driven
What's on your Vision Board? 
Bliss out hug!!!
"Living Young with Young Living and Living Art through the Heart"