Saturday, January 29, 2011

Artshow Sign?

Ok, so I am totally sidetracking what I set out to do up here in my studio...
It is my total intention to finish this freaking assembly line of earrings I have created..
This line of spring beauties ;)
However a little sign...("twinkle sparkle") has come to my attention and needs to be meditated upon, explored if you will....
"she says with a little deep giggle with a touch of twang",

said the voice..:)
The message came about earlier this week..
it didn't ring a full, loud bell, until now..
Lu Ann, my husbands ex, someone I'm surprised I like because of what society sometimes teaches us, getting deeper here..sorry...
That its stupid to be friends with husbands ex's and stuff, its not right if ex's actually get along once they are separated...
blah blah blah
with the bullshit.
This is the mother of my stepdaughter,
my stepdaughter, the daughter of the man I love with all my heart.
I don't think my husband would choose to marry a woman
he actually didn't love...
That's not him..
My husband is a drawer of like minded kind..
And his heart is good, actually quite beautiful if I do say so myself.
And if like attracts like in every way, shape and kind
then you know what that makes Lu Ann?
A kind beautiful heart as well..
I could go a tad deeper,
all in the good direction...
But I'm gonna get back to my story...
Lu Ann, sent me a message via Facebook
telling me of a certain Art show in Missouri..
Giving me this info..

kindly, because she believes in me.
which I think is cool :)
Anyways..When I got it I said, oh cool, thanks..
But at the time my mind was in another place
so it wasn't ready to set in...
You know, when you are in a art groove,
creating with this intense joyful energy,
that's all you wanna focus on..
It's kind of like a drug,
but a Good one:)
really fresh..
It sunk in..
"Oh shit, this is weird..."
The show Lu Ann is talking about was,
My first, the very first juried art show I did in 1999..
And it had the same name as this show does,
same town..
Different state..
Such funny twinkle sparkle signs :)
Can anyone guess what the name of the art show is?
what town it is in???
Lu Ann you can't answer, giggle
I would love to see some comments here..
just maybe one of you could get a sweet little
sparkly artsy fartsy thingy
of some sort or another
in the mail..

Aren't you curious now?
Just a little reminder to you all out there..
My last name used to be (is this a fucking common phrase??..Used to be? or is this some bad grammar I learned from my neighborhood growing up?)

Nato Botto Art
Natalie White,
"Extremely Colorful Artist"

Now I'm a Kelsey..
Natalie Jean Kelsey
Creations from the HeArt
It feels like the right jacket for me :)

We all grow from our experiences
and when we grow and learn from our experiences
then do we begin to bloom even more..

So anyways,
Thank you Lu Ann for the little
"twinkle sparkle"
I got the sign..
New beginnings.....

Peace to all..
And thank you for sharing your time with me..

Nato Botto
off to the assembly line of Joy...

"Nato Botto goes to hang out with Pixy Pocahontis"
"Together they make Baked Fruitcake"
To be continued....
Taa Taa

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Again??? :)

Man has the week flown by..
Although I am grateful for everyday I am going to be glad to start the week over next week
The sickness..

Last night was rather moving to me..
I don't know about you but sometimes,
(usually when I am worn out or coming down with something)
my mind begins to go to a not so great place..
A place where I am not so nice to myself.

You should have gotten more done..
That's not good..
You're looking pretty old...
What if my husband isn't attracted to me anymore...
I'm not making much money anymore therefore I suck...
All these thoughts can come rushing in..
Bombarding, mean, hurtful..
But what always amazes me is this
This beautiful connection I have with my husband
(and friends too)

that when I start feeling ick
somehow he knows, subconsciously even..
And he shoots me a text that is so heartwarming..
or tells me just what I need to hear that creates a shift.
That was last night..
Just when I needed it.
Thank you babe!
I love you.
Now I know we are not here to depend on others to feel good about ourselves, but I do believe that there is such wonderfulness in community...

And when we are down sometimes, it's nice to have someone
shoot us a little extra love..
This reminds me of one of my previous posts,
The Crystal Project
This all makes me think about how important it is
to be kind and follow your heart.
If you are walking into the supermarket or where ever and you feel inspired to smile and say hello to some random person..
Do so...
You never know, it just may brighten up their whole day..

It shows them that someone cares..
That one person could be feeling just how I was or how you may have been feeling the other day and that smile of kindness
is like magic.
I know I am getting all sappy here but this is important to me.
Being kind to one another is important to all of us.
Have a beautiful weekend :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eternity For Sunday Scribblings...


As I tumble through life

enjoying it's ups

learning from its down's

it seems like an eternity to get to where I want to be.

But where is that place in the eternity of our existence?

My biggest lesson ever..

Being here now,

Being present in the eternityness of our being

is the best gift we can

give to ourselves

and the best way to inspire.

Just being

for eternity..

Follow your heart

What is Sunday scribblings you ask?

Please check it out...

Catchup Wednesday

What a whirlwind weekend this was AND it's now already Wednesday..
I feel as if I was in some sort of time warp.
We took a nice family overnighter to
Pere Marquette, Saturday to Sunday night..
Did some hiking in the snow, hot tubbing, eagle glancing...
Sunday after getting home I repacked my bags and headed out to Chicago with Indie and Ava..

Ava's painting of herself, (she put a flower over her eye because she didn't like it, good problem solving.) staring at the night sky.

The trip up to Chicago was
There was snow, snow, snow
and more blowing snow, almost blizzardish.
Didn't dig it at all.
Made it safely though at 10pm.
The next morning, took the train into the city where
I met Julie and Renee At the Merchandise Mart for a
Temporaries show and did a lot of buying..
At the Mart I got a lot of great ideas for
displaying my work
and was inspired in so many ways..
Then repacked up EVERYTHING and got on the road for a
four 1/2 hour tour that took 6 hours to get home and
walked in the door at 3:45 am.

Cute little man in the Studio

On the way home Indie got a fever :(
Tuesday Indie's fever rose to 103, I took him to the chiropractor for an adjustment to boost his immune system,
and I cuddled with him
all day and night.
Today he still has a little fever but is doing much better.
It was TOO much packed into those couple of days.
The driving being the TOOOOOO
much part.

Indie with his red fever cheeks taking a break from the car seat at the gas station at one thirty in the morning.

Now, if I had a chauffeur,
well I would be just fine:)
I would have gotten all the sleep I needed..
Sweet Wednesday, my new Monday :)
Peace all

Friday, January 21, 2011

Glorious Fanciful Friday Flitting: Colour Theme; Dandelion with a Pinch of Ochre

Yes I did,
I said Flitting..
Fanciful, glorious flitting..
I had a plan,
a divine one,
the mission was on..
Our first stop in the mission was to go to Peridot,
on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.
I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures there
but I have a sneaking feeling that
they will come about on my trip back there in a week
and 3/4 to be exact
upon my "drop off mission"
Yep, Nato Botto Art will now be available at
Peridot, yay!!
They will be having a grand reopening on Saturday, Feb. 5th.
So come on down,
your the next contestant on the.....
just had to say that:)

Here is a cute cuff I purchased at Peridot, made by
Scarlett and Maria.
I love it!
See the bit of dandelion :)

Next on the journey,
Genie and I stopped at a cute cafe,

also on Cherokee street, called
The Mud House.

Great atmosphere,


great food,

Run by clearly people who love what they are doing.
I really recommend checking this place out while your
out shopping on Cherokee Street,
especially at Peridot,
checking out all the handmade items by local artists.

(funny card on the bulletin board at The Mud House
it says "I like the brown one's)

While philosophizing in The Mud House parking lot,
I had a "fucking sweet hell yeah" idea.
And by the way, that exact moment was at
I won't go into details..
Onward we go..

Dick Blicks..Grand Opening in Delmar Loop
It was so full of ahhh's!!!

Also we were given a

message from an angel
while in the handmade paper section,

that I was hyperventilating over, with excitement.
Seriously I was,
ask Genie :)
While at Dick Blick's someone overheard me saying
that I forgot my coupon
and they gave me one of theirs.
I was still obsessing though over my
30% off the entire purchase coupon,
so I asked the guy behind the register if he had anymore..
He said, "I think I have one more available"
The obsession disappeared.
So now I had two coupons and could only use one.
Across from me was another girl checking out,
without a coupon..
It was a perfect
"pay it forward" moment.
I was glad..

Giddy up..
On our way to find some old books for projects..
Stay tuned for some kick aspen creations from
that shopping spree..
The secret ingredient??
Well let's just say the color is Dandelion and mix that
Eskimos and flowers..
You should be because they are going to be so cute!
Just sharing my joy!
Have a great Weekend all..
Mission complete :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Invisible, for Sunday Scribblings.

Invisible is the chatter in my head,
the one that sneaks in
when I ask for
only silence...
It is the swell of joy
that fills my being
when I am inspired...
Invisible is the future,
for I can only dream it..
Invisible is the past,
for only memories remain..
I am not

Things in the Works..

Good day everyone!! Just wanted to share what's going on here in the studio..

Lots of inspiration is in the air as well as the awakening of some

unfinished works.
Totally digging all that I have been playing with. I would also like to share that Kelly Rae Roberts has been a great big spark in my newest creative movements.
She has helped me to remove some obstacles and was been an integral key in unlocking a blockage. Thank you Kelly. If any of you out there are having that kind of issue, whether it's blockages, a lack of knowledge on how to promote yourself, or whatever please check out the badge to the right of this posting, titled You are Meant to Dream Big. She has a book available that can seriously change your life and help you soar, SERIOUSLY..
On another note what's going on???
Well I just grabbed some old illustrations

out of my "to be completed" pile (that has been growing for awhile now) and just took off...

I thought it would be cool to mod podge some scrapbooking paper to these wood panels I recently got from Dick Blick.

I also mod podged some fabric to the panels as well
one of my new pieces to it..

I'm soooo enjoying nurturing these creations into completion.

I'm loving every

second of it.

One another note I am doing my best to network with other artist's out there, keeping busy on Twitter, Blogging, Etsy forums/treasury creations etc.. I have been doing that pretty steady for the last couple of weeks now..Doing my best to keep Focusing on What I Want..
It's all been a blast and I am so fortunate to be where I am.
And I am so grateful that my husband is so supportive of my adventure. I LOVE him...xoxoxoxox honey :)
Hope you all have a great day!!
PS.... Follow Your Heart