Monday, February 1, 2016


Went on a time travel with the Spirograph 
Cyclex that we got our Son for Christmas..
Man I love that thing! 

Collaborative Creation made by kids at StoneyBrooke Daycare.
Life has been wonderfully abundant in love and plentiful opportunities. 
I've been happily busy creating fun art workshops for the 
We have a new one coming up this 
Thursday. Mixed Media Mandala's.  

They are inspired through curiosity 

of sacred geometry 

and these beautiful 

I found while playing 
on Pinterest. 

I can't wait to see what everyone makes.. 
If you're curious to see what peeps like you are 
making in the workshops
 you can like my Facebook page 
or  follow me on Instagram
 to see the workshop creations and
 my renditions hot off the press ;)  
Woooohoooo! giggle

Here's some cuteness from a private 

washi tape silhouette workshop with kiddos..

I adore these and the sweet family. 
Thank you for supporting the arts!! 

A few weeks back I got asked to be a visiting artist 
at Queen of Peace School fro their annual art fair.
I had K-3 grade at 45 min an class. We created art inspired by Miro...

Claude Monet

Henri Rousseau

Matisse..I LOVE Mattise! 
I love his simplistic,
 artfully pleasing, simple designs 
and choice of color. 

A new workshop recently released 

3rd attempt at Mixed Media Portraits
in the Studio was 

Mixed Media Portraits. 
(NeocolorII,Washi tape,Lyra Colored Pencils,Gouache,watercolor)
It was inspired by this
adorable project from

which I also found on Pinterest. 
Thank you for sharing your joy! 

Jane Bush's creation
The middle-ish beginning of my 4th attempt

Kind of looks like a Bionicle Hulkerina:) 

I love this workshop! 

2nd Attempt...So many ways you can do it. 
This one was inspired by Matisse

I love using Mixed Media.. I stared with ink, 
to decorative paper (Background), 
washi tape (the yellow in the sleeves),
 to colored Pencil (squiggles in hair)
with watercolor on top (color on top of hair squiggles)! 
So fun! 

Mixed Media



 from a recent private party.
So stinking cute! 

Blissfull Living Studio is a unique, mixed media art gallery that offers fun, inspiring, art workshops and private art parties for adults and children alike.  Our workshops and private parties are great for team building, stress relief, learning and good old mingling. Together, in this lighthearted atmosphere, my fellow artist colleague Jane Bush, and I, work passionately to deliver fresh, vibrant, art experiences for all to enjoy.

We believe art and entertainment are soul food! It raises the spirits and gets us out of the mundane world. We as adults sometimes forget to tap into our right brains because we are too busy and stressed with the left brained world. Did you know that current studies show how creating art reduces mental and emotional stress? Create and rejuvenate!  Our goal at Blissfull Living Studio is to provide a relaxed, friendly, energizing, environment, where fun and creativity can be explored.  All levels of artistic skill are welcome, and even the novice who believes they aren’t creative will be surprised!

   From drawing to painting to mixed media, our workshops cover a wide variety of subjects suited to all walks of life. Imagine yourself with friends or making new ones while creating art and sipping on wine! Everything is provided with the exception of food and beverages,  but you are welcome to bring your own.  By the end of the adventure you will have created a memorable experience and we’ll look forward to seeing you again and again :) 

You can find us on Facebook or website @  We are conveniently located  on West Main street in Midtowne Belleville. Please join us in our endeavor to inspire joy and help bring out the artist within!  Experience us by yourself, with friends, or make it a date night! Come out and create a little, drink a little, and laugh a lot! We hope to see you soon! 

                Much peace and  love,

            Natalie Kelsey

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are we all on the Great Space Coaster? Time FLIES!!!

Have I ever stated HOW GRATEFUL I am?

I really really am! 

It's amazing the things we can accomplish and achieve when we put our hearts into it. When we are open for growth in all shapes and forms.

We meet new people and they are all pretty cool...

Always open for growth...

Always sharing kindness


Awesome Little Lovies...squeeze..


Strange Folk Festival 2015 was SO much fun! 

After the show a new gallery space emerged...

 Have you ever been to Blissfull Living Studio? 
We are Having our Holiday party Thursday Nov 19th at 7pm. 
You should come!! #funtimes

I love having plants in the studio...
They are so quiet and peaceful :) 

The above is a cute example of a creation you can make at the 
Washi Mixed Media Art Party...
12/3 @ 7pm
Cuteness... and what a great idea for a holiday gift?
Make a piece of art for them :) 
Have a wonderful Day!!! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Blissfull Living Studio Happenings...

It's the 26 day countdown until the 

Strange Folk Festival!
Woot Woot! 
If you've never been 
I highly recommend going there...
It's Sept 26 and 27th at Union Station in St. Louis. 
I'll tell you what...There's nothing like it,
It's a fantastical adventure! 
The new space that the festival is using this year
will be a sight to see..
I'm sure it's full of Magical "fuckery" 
as some people might say...
I'm envisioning trapeze abstract art painters, 
tight rope walkers fighting with glue guns 
and explosions from sparkle cannons. 
Am I far off? 
   We will see....
You won't want to miss it. 
There's so MUCH more to share and talk about...
And am finding it challenging leaving this forum
 because I want to share so badly, 

So much to do...
Until we meet again...
Best Wishes and MANY cheers!!!!
Follow your heart! 



Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happenings in the Studio and... Art Workshop Wednesday schedule :)

Here is a list of upcoming Art Workshop Wednesdays
Please sign up online or call to register.

Week of 7/15
11-12pm Mommy and me Tulip art 
 (note; it can be Grandma, Daddy, Grandpa, Auntie, whoever, just a sidekick)
1-2:30 Washi tape rainsticks 6 and up
3-5pm String map art ages 10 and up
Pass the Paper Adults 6:45-9pm

Week of 7/22
11-12pm Mommy and Me Carrot Foot Prints 
1-2pm Yarn Snakes 
(can be used as a cat toy)
3-4:30 3D Bird Sculptures
6:45-9:30 Adult Pass the Paper 

Little dudes were in the studio last week
It really was part of an impetus of change :)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these
 collaborative painted hand 
Cooperation Mandalas turned out

(Pet Portraits)

 ^^^^^^^^^This Happened^^^^^^^^
Blissfull Living Studio 
 officially has a dedicated kids room. 

It feels Great! 

 Distinctive Applications

This Lady, Kimmie was a HUGE help! 
Love you Kim!

Totally enjoying the outside out the studio.
 I love seeing it's growth :) 
I am SO grateful to be a business owner.

AND I am SO grateful for all the amazing people I am meeting, 
like this amazing Talented Lady.
Check out her "Pet Portraits" finished piece.
She used Pastels and rocked it!

 July 8th was the largest Adult Pass the Paper session
 I had ever done.
It was AWESOME! 

 There were a total of 12 people in the creation game. 

They turned out great. 
Each workshop is growing in all varieties
 of content. Love Love.

 Totally Dig the vibe in here..

I think
Kimmie likes it too :) 

I am SO SO SO looking forward to having 
some Hubbie time
 (we've both been working A LOT this week)
and playing with the kiddos in the sunshine!

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!