Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog is in Rehab :)

In case any of you stumble across my blog and it seems in shambles...well that's because I am trying to figure it all out :) Working on some things so PLEASE excuse the arranging and rearranging that WILL be happening over the next couple of weeks. Thank you Peace 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happiness in the Studio

Gosh, every time I sit down and tell myself...Make it short and sweet I end up babbling like a flock of butterflies.

SO, gonna do my best-est to

Actually (here we go)...
I have really great focus it just likes to 

skip, hop, and dance :)

Come on who doesn't like to dance?


I am still on my set time line...
Just added a little extra luggage.
("Girls"-sheesh, we always pack so much!)
But its all good, a little extra lipstick

Miss Mia...We are pairing furniture together.
Good girl time. 
and a closet of shoes for every outfit
isn't that bad?..
Nope not at all :)

So yeah that's it...

("Pixy" being spirit and "Pocahontis" being the physical)

this is not her...just little inspirations along the process.
Miss Winter Moonshine

Is still on track to be completed by the end of June and I am completely loving her!

And Miss Winter Sunshine :) 

She is slowly being nurtured and is in a upward growth pattern, "a seedling that has just risen through the dirt and is heading to the sun:)"
And in between inspirations I am working on wall art.

some being more three dimensional, full of textures and WAX.

Smells SO good! 
I'm not sure if it kills brain cells or not, I think, because I am so entrenched by its smell that I don't look for the possible dangers?
Just kidding.

If its safe for use on kids toys I think its Gouda.

And another part of the work circle of happily skipping, hoping and 

dancing is refurbishing/painting furniture, frames and

I love it All!
and I am looking forward to sharing it all with you..

OH ANNNNDDD...I am SO excited to go check out Surtex in May.
I'm really thinking about showing there next year to venture out into licensing deals and beyond. 
I know I'm gonna be walking around Surtex looking like a smiling kid licking a spiral lolly pop.
(whatever that looks like, lol)
It's gonna be amazing!

Oh and here are a few of cool things 
I have run across lately...
I love this Colourlovers website...

I haven't played with it much yet but I am sure I will when I get back into the illustrator seat more when creating my book in digital format. 

I also have found a bunch of COOL stuff through Pinterest lately.
The Painted furniture section has some great inspirations in
Well short went to long...I tried :)
Peace and have a great weekend!