Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mountains, Books, Dreams Coming True...It's all About the Focus. How about you?

Deep breath, stretch, exhale...
Isn't life grand? 
No really it is! 
Life can change so much in an instant. 

You either think "GRAND" or 
focus on what you don't want, the what if's, the negatives...
I try my hardest to focus on Fantastic

But sometimes I "fall off my grand tricycle and get brain damage. 

(eating poorly, not enough exercise, not enough sleep can create crashes)
It's all about balance...
I get out my oils and do as the beginning states:

Deep breath, stretch, exhale...
Ah life is grand isn't it? 
So many flipping awesome adventures.
And the ability to create our lives for the better or the 
worse depending on what you want to experience.

I am juggling tightrope walker.
That's the way it is right now...
I am a great manifester.

"Always remember to focus on what you want BECAUSE 
if you focus on the shit you don't want, 
well... you can manifest that too."

There are many things in life that bring me joy:

Outdoor Adventures

Sharing Oils
Designing our future Green Pad
What brings you Joy? 

 "I believe its important to be aware
 for the health of the human race and to find 
Joy in sharing helpful truths 
for knowing is an impetus of change."

I believe my purpose in life is to spread joy.

"When we speak, it must be with the realization 
that God has given our words significance. 
He has ordained for them to be important"
-Paul David Tripp

I believe Joy is life sustenance.

I finally finished writing my first Book;
(I took a break/writers block/life experience)

This is going on the outside of the studio above the planter box that says "plant your seed :)"
Water your Garden with Love 
(She Spreads Love)

It's a picture book about a little girl 
named Pixy Pocahontis..

It's all written and illustrating has begun...

thus =

"I am juggling tightrope walker."
managing business/workshops, essential oils, 
Grizzly Stadium mural, 
writing and illustrating a book, family, 
planning our future green pad and way of life. 

 SOMETIMES a lot of ideas come to me at a time.
 I have to go with the flow. 

 No one can stop Flow, she just comes. 

That is the way..


Follow your heart. 

 Be loving and speak your truth with kindness.