Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Beautiful Day!

Well I am now in the 25th week of my pregnancy and couldn't be more excited to meet our new little guy. What a beautiful time, loving, creative, peaceful, ahhhh....
Right now we are in the middle of selling our home and fixing up our newly purchased home, renovations are going wonderfully. Genie and I have been painting away and the new studio space is near completion. The new studio is bright, cheery, energizing and inspiring. when it is completed I will post pictures. The color palette is rain forest dew, pale avocado, forest moss (on the doors which looks flipping awesome!) and tangerine topped off with bavarian cream. I love how organized the new space will be, consisting of creative stations which lead to a smooth productive flow of creation. For the last couple of years I have been working out of multiple spaces moving supplies from here to there trying to follow the light in the house and the space needed for what ever project I/we were dabbling in. It was a constant take down, clean up, set up flow but NOW it will just be.... Clean up yay!!!! Everything will have its place and I couldn't be happier.
There are so many great projects floating on the horizon and I'm looking forward to planting them and watching them blossom.
OHHHH another thing!!! Vacation vacation vacation, yes!!!!! The vacation of my dreams is just weeks away as well. We are going to Hawaii. Hooray... My favoritest honey poo, the kids and I will all be taking a 8 day trip the beginning of June and I will get to dance around on the beach with my buddha belly:) FUN