Sunday, March 27, 2011


Just Blogging here..
Jogging in my mind.
Doing circles.
So much to do, so many schedules set into place only to be added to
added to, ADDED to..
I have faith that the pieces will settle where needed but
gosh, sometimes I feel like Nothing is getting done when I am surrounded
by a vast field of want to's.
Gets me flustered, sometimes frustrated,
Why can't I manifest faster?
The answer, pretty freaking basic..
Well that is easy for so many to say,
Heck I even say it a LOT
"Focus only on what you want"
But when it comes down to it learning to tame the flow of ideas and focus on one at a time is just really really challenging.
ESPECIALLY when I love what I do and want to do it all,
and right NOW!
This leads me to patience,
Ooooo, onto something here.
Probably something I have already told myself before but need to be reminded again.
I need to have patience and faith that everything my heart desires to share will come about in time.
AND very important..TRUST the process!
Every single one of us has our own process of being.
Some are "quicker" some are "slower" some are prancers and dancers, some are hoppers and skippers.
Some are a little combination of it all.
This is why it is very important to trust the process
and not get down on ourselves when things are not going how "ego" may want it to be.
When we begin to compare ourselves to others "ways of being"
that distracts our focus on what we want.
When we begin to get overly excited (like I do often) and start to "think"
of the could be's, should do's, etc..
We are taking our focus away from the now of
Focusing on what we want because
we were already jumping ahead to where we want to be..

So what does this mean?
This means it's time to check into the looney bin,
lol giggle
It means that if I just have faith and don't listen to the repeating list of "to do's" that are floating in my head,
and have patience, take it one step at a time, focusing only
on what I want, not taking time to jump ahead to the future,
just residing in the now,
going with the flow of my heart
then all those things floating in my head will fall beautifully in place.
I know this to be truth.
But I am human, I am learning,
I am reprogramming myself to the flow of my heart.
For we were all programmed by others besides ourselves.
Think about that, think about who you are,
why you are the way you are, how you learned your way of being.
Then after you've figured that out ask yourself
What does my heart say?
Now is a good time to journal.
you heart is your compass...follow it.
Side note here, very interesting...I wanted to insert some random photos and came across our snake. We got her recently.
I wasn't too fond of her at first although she is very beautiful, her markings..She is very gentle and still a baby.
It's also kind of cool how she is almost making an infinity symbol with her body.
Anyways, I find it very interesting that her medicine is...

If you have chosen this symbol, there is a need within you to transmute some thought, action, or desire so that wholeness may be achieved. This is heavy magic, but remember, magic is no more than a change in consciousness. Become the magician or the enchantress: transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.
There is an excerpt from the Medicine Cards book written by Jamie Sams and David Carson. I believe you can purchase it through the Amazon logo on my blog.
I thought you may enjoy that bit of reading..I found it interesting and a little in association with what I was writing about
Peace and joy

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Different Approach..Giggles..

We are having technical difficulties here and I think I have it figured out..
I may have had a "mis-slip of words that
upset someone and if so I am sorry.
It was NOT my intention!
When I said below "That blog inspired me to create some funnies
for you all" I should have not assumed that you viewers would understand that I collaborated with the "free images" on the Art freebies blog.
Meaning..I stepped out of my "usual" routine of art and decided to be silly, in which I did so by making funny comments with the "free" art work on the blog.
Even though I listed a link to her site where people
could go and see her work..
Oh geeze I pissed someone off..
NOT my intention!
HEre was my blog post minus the photos..Aren't you curious what they are?
Got them back in black and white, yay!

Today I am traveling..
traveling in the sense of
off the track of usual.
Not that Usual is bad in
any way, shape or form
but I just wanna play in another way :)
So be it!
This morning I was web traveling..
Checking out the blogs and such..
MAN how do so many get such big audiences?
I want a big audience too, waaaahh!
Came across this blog:

I love coming across blogs with people sharing things for free.
I really wish there were more of us in this world that desired
to say
"just fuck it"
as an impetus to just have faith in the truth...
that if we have faith in what spirit guides us to,
that which gives us the feeling of joy in our hearts
We will always be abundant and prosperous.
Therefore we can..
Just fucking do it!
And let love lead the way..

That blog inspired me to create some funnies for you all.

I think they are funny.

"Giggle giggle giggle, the mousy is running under my jacket"

"I said I didn't want those fucking Peas!"

"Now change my diaper before I get butt rash"


"I finally got my new camera but oh shit I'm in jail"

Oh wait that is horizontal stripes:)

r r r r r r r r r r

"So you are saying that you don't actually want me to make you a peanut butter and jelly?

And that you would much more prefer to just keep practicing our handwriting?

Well fuck that, I'm out.."

Call to DCFS:

"Yeah, I said my mom lost my shoe..

She's napping too..

I ate her chapstick

can I have a snack?"

ok so maybe I only think these are funny


Peggy never knew when she first started thinking

about her s&m career, but she says

" it was the best decision she ever made"

Hope you got a giggle

Have a great weekend!



Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Monday

Happy day, happy happy day!
Sun is shining, birds are singing and the weather is
WARM! Yay!

This weekend was one of the biggest full moons in twenty years..
Did any of you get a chance to see it?

This beautiful shot came from Giving Mirth...
and it is a very interesting blog worth checking out :)

I was bummed Saturday night when the moon was in rise and
it was raining out.
I wanted to see the moon in all its beauty,
soak up her rays..
That night I was wonderfully awakened

by Little Indie in the middle of the night and guess what?
Not a cloud in the sky and moon gazing...
I did!
Beautiful. I was do delighted that I got the chance to see it.
Thank you Universe!

This weekend was peaceful..
Odyssey of the mind competition with Jordan,
her team won 2nd place and is going to compete in world!
Great job team!
Dinner with friends
Walks to the park

Bike riding
Volleyball with kids
Chili, pizza and mexican yum!

Oh and teeth cutting, see his first wittle toofer :)
And.. I still couldn't stay away from art..
But that is to come into view later this week..
Now, some cute photos of this weekend..

Oh and the majority of the pictures were taken by my daughter Ava.

She rocked the photos!

Indie LOVES the feel of the strawy grass..
He was getting sooo tired from all this fresh air
and new things to feel and see.

Oh hey, Batman is out watching over us all,
ready to save the world.
Thought you should know :)
Enjoy your week all
Peace and..
don't forget..
Your heart is your compass, follow it.
What does your heart say?
Plant your seed...

Friday, March 18, 2011

All in time

What's that you say?
I have to glue myself to the chair for days on end, strap myself to a wilderness of seriousness?
Get lost in the numbers of business and the fundamentals
of business writing..
Not this whole week.
I tried and have been kindly putting it aside and doing bits and pieces.
I did my time on Monday..
Donated some rule following on Wednesday..
Thursday was a, what was Thursday?

Well today was a recap of what still needs to be done for expansion. I felt so random, so out of sync, did my best.. And as the Four Agreements state...
As long as you do your best (and know that your best may be different at times) over and over again, you will become a master of manifestation.
I have had many little signs this week that I am on the right track..
Do any of you see signs ever that let you know that you are
right on?
Well I do and when ever I see them I smile..
Interesting story semi related to this subject.
Tuesday, Wednesday, oh shit maybe it was Thursday,
this week was a worm hole,

Anyways I did my morning journaling along with choosing a couple of angel cards to focus on and...
I was drawn to write down a tidbit of the card onto my tabletop
My mom called me..She wanted to give me kind advice.. I listen :)
She spoke to me of how she doesn't think that the "Just fucking do it" is really a good idea and that maybe I should change it to flipping or Effin..
mmmmmmm, I don't think so I said..
Then I proceeded to explain to her the difference in energy from my use of the word fucking and the bad version.
She was still iffy on the whole thing,
I understand and respect her input.
I sat down in my chair (still on the phone with her) and looked down at my desk calendar..
I smiled,
those silly angels..
This is the message I wrote from the book..
"Sometimes flexibility is called for when you are working toward an aim. BUT...
In this instance, you need to stay firm in your convictions. Compromise will only water down the divine plan you are manifesting."
I can't alter the "Just fucking do it" motto!
I just have to fucking do it!
It IS all part of the divine plan and I have faith in my ideas, no matter how far out they may seem at times.
My heart is pure, I aim for the good of the whole.
Just fucking do it is the catalyst of possibilities.
Have a great weekend all and remember..
Your heart is your compass, follow it..
What does your heart say?
"Just Fucking do it!"
Simple as that

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Notes

Well shoot me in the foot with a candy cane sparkler...
I am feeeeeelinnngggg sssoooooooo
All is good.
This energy level makes me think...hmmmmmmm
What's the date today?
Registered business today at city hall
check mark
ran an ad in the paper in compliance with
business registration regulation..
oh geeze.
Came up with the Freaking coolest ideas ever yesterday!
can't wait to share but you gotta come back.
Promise you'll love it!!
This candy cane is licked.
Oh and for the record that's our dog
Beautiful, smart, BIG pain in the ass lol.
But we still love her.
Want a dog?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Experimenting with Pixy and glue :)

I am trying something new this week..
stricter time management..
But happy, no whips and yelling you are so
off schedule, you suck!
Nope none of that.
I've got my schedule of daily to do's,
a lotted amount of time for each thing to be done..
No order, just to do's with time limits for each.
I've even got a timer..

This is so silly, my inner self says..
probably my ego..
But so far so good.
I am about an hour and a half off of what
I thought I could get done in a day.
Here is my list:
renew items in my shop, search for new things for a treasury, create a treasury, blog, work 2hrs in illustrator,
order supplies (this is where I went over time)
work on my business plan, blog and sit down and come up with some kick booty website ideas.
I've got two hours left, and I'm...
I'm.. I'm..
feeling fine
So gonna have to shorten this blog a bit for the day.
Gonna give you a quick run down on the photos..
The pendants..Well, having some technical difficulties.
Had some major bleeding problems in all my prototypes, the photos listed here are before I put the glass pieces on top and before I put a resin filler on some.

They are AWESOME when you first see the glass on.
It wasn't until overnight that I discovered the bleeding of the glue.
I cried for hours and hours..I had to contact Kleenx to get them to ship me a truck load of tissue just to wipe up the snot that came out of my nose from all the excessive sniffling..
Nooooooo, not me.

I will solve this problem and already have.
That is why I went over my time today in ordering supplies.
I had to find the magic solution to put on my images before glueing or filling pendants with resin.

So excited to share the finished results with you all.

Here is a finished piece I LOVE!!!!
And this one, well she is on her way to awesomeness,

not quite done yet.
And finally this is my secret note to myself with all my dreams and desires I want to achieve and peace for the world..
Can't quite remember its details..
Excited to open it in June and see all I have accomplished..
Peace and love to all
Please take a moment and send your love to Japan.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Story of Pixy Pocahontis...

This is a LONG one but worth the read:)
Breathe Breathe Breath ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What a wonderful day!
Last night I began my redo on Pixy Pocahontis..

And Please be kind..

(This is the business card Kirsten, of FossDesign made for me from my original. I love the spin she put on it..Love the LOVE)

All images/art work of Nato Botto Art and
Pixy Pocahontis are all copyrighted
and belong solely to
Natalie Jean Kelsey.
If you have any interests or questions please
feel free to contact me.
I'd love to talk :)

But lets shift back to this...

Pixy Pocahontis first came about when I needed a name for the headband idea I came up with..

What will I call them??

They kind of reminded me of a little bit Pixy
and a little bit Pocahontis.

They are whimsical, flirty, joyful, playful, peaceful, loving,
silly, and exude a total sense of
confidence in authenticity.

This is the magic they contain.

For each headband creation is made from some peep's
following their hearts..

Some are made solo..

Some are a collaborative effort
all of them are made with JOY!
As of now..Genie and I are the collaborators,
The Peep's


I prefer Pocahontis spelled with an "i"..
That's how spirit guided me to spell it :)

These fun whimsical headbands are all one of a kind.

Here is the original tag I made for
selling these fluffy fancies.
I call Nato Botto Art's collection
of collaborative work
Baked Fruitcake,
But more of that will come about later.
another day...
Right now we are talking
Pixy Pocahontis

So onward went Pixy..
speaking little ideas in my ear..
I Listened..

She is a creative machine..
Such happy high energy.
I love having her around
and I am happy whenever I am listening to her.
She only creates the good we desire in life.
And her message is to follow my heart.
That is how I hear Pixy..
By following my heart.
The more I follow the more she
joyfully sings,
the more she sings
the more magic happens.
This next image came about when I said
"Let's just Fucking do it"
(after getting down on myself for not following my schedule when Pixy was singing in my ear to do some "pass the paper" with Genie)

I drew this image of Pixy in the bright Poppy.
Genie added the eyeshadow and blush.
I glad I listened to Pixy,
Because this drawing got me closer to my final
rendition for Pixy's branding:)

Pixy is an angelic,
free spirited, creative, joyful, encouraging energy
living here on earth
through a strong, confident, peaceful
divinely intelligent, kind, giving, loving,
nurturing, artsy-crafty young at heart
Pixy Pocahontis

Her message is
Follow your heart..
She has inspiring simple wisdom
she'd like to share
and knows that it will bring a sense of
peace and love to all.

I wanna share that I am gratefully working with a
great graphic designer

Kristen is very talented and a pleasure to work with.
I highly recommend her.
She graciously collaborated upon initial
illustrations I had sent her.
(See images above in the blog, those are ones I sent)
Her renderings of my submitted Pixy Pocahontis images

showed me that I had to create the essence that
I was desiring for this character.

Her skills had nothing to do with the decision
I made to to draw her myself...
I just had to..
Pixy kept telling me that I wasn't gonna get it
right unless I created her
(getting there but then I had this feeling)

Kirsten's illustrations are so Flipping Cute!

The magic of this process comes from the fact that
I had finally said
"Just Fucking Do it!"
This quote has been helping me tremendously lately..
it disintegrates the what if's for me,
Actually it disintegrates any negative thought or worry that comes after my heart has spoken.
That is powerful medicine there let me tell you!
I had been procrastinating getting my business cards done because
this Illustrator program is a totally new to me.
I had/have no complete understanding on how to make
a business card, post card, sticker, etc template.
AND Pixy Pocahontis was just born onto paper
and needed some editing around the edges
to make her cohesive
solid baby, yeah.....
A repetitive whisper, as Kelly Rae Roberts would say,
kept coming into my head.
Find a graphic designer to help you.
So I did, and I was lead to one on Etsy.
There was no doubt about it, she was the one.
I can't explain it any other way than
The energy I felt from her store resinated with me.
Made me feel all sparkly inside and I began seeing
and feeling my project complete.
Again, all of this relating to following my heart,
Using "Just fucking do it" to clear the way,
make my path more in focus.
Got me?

Without Kirsten's wonderful illustrations
I didn't see fully what she was Missing.
Both of our beautiful original illustrations gave off the same
energy and it wasn't just the right feel for the final character.
She was missing the complete peaceful, confident,
joyfully grateful essence that I want her to represent.
She was almost there in the original states but it took
Listening to my heart and trust to make her complete.

Pixy Pocahontis
As an artist,
creating a character I had to do the finishing details.
Just had to..
So last night I drew her..
Today I finished her..
I am sending her design off to FossDesign
Thank you Kirsten!
You Rock!!

I can't wait to get my new business cards, postcards,
stickers, mailing labels and whatever else freaking cute promotional stuff comes out of this glorious adventure.
So Happy...

Here is what Genie was working on today..Little pendants..
The character inside is one of Pixy's friends,
Olivia :)
so cute Genie...
I am so excited to share with you all the new things
coming into my Etsy shop soon!!
Divine timing and patience.
Have a wonderful day all..

I aM So gRateFul...
I hAd tEaRs of Joy today!!
She is Here!!