Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whats going on :)

Hello all!
I know its been a while since my last babble..
I hope you are all doing fantastic!
I know, I know, we are all on a roller coaster..
I'm on a good ride.
I have decided to put the boys in daycare, go back 
to school, and do what I love.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom, but MAN I was getting restless..
Passion is something I just can't do without.
So.. I have found a lovely balance.
(still working out little twerks)
  I'm learning some new things to propel me 
to where I want to be through school.
Not that I am not grateful for the here and now, 
but I keep seeming to get myself
stuck in little areas and I wasn't growing how I wanted.
And school was the solution. 

I just had to bite the bullet and put the boys in daycare.
It was a hard decision because I 
really felt guilty doing it at first..
Then I was like...shit why I didn't I do this earlier? 
I love our boys, but again I had to love myself too.
They are happy, enjoying playing with others, and are very happy to see me or daddy at the end of the day.
 I really feel like our quality time together is greater now
WE are currently in the middle of an exterior remodel that began in June...this is where we are now...

I have high hope that the siding crew is REALLY going to finish this time. (many complications)
But its going to look awesome after its all finished, especially when we get all the trim and brick painted! 

I also painted our fireplace, it was burgundy paint from the previous owners..The living room is still in a process as well but baby steps...
What classes am I taking?
Illustrator, HTML5 and Office.
All VERY helpful!
After the completion of these classes in December,
 I begin my journey on the completion of my book with goal of it being on its publishing adventure in July!
Next year I start a massage program.
So exciting!
Life is excellent and I couldn't be more grateful
There is more to this picture...

Oh and here is a glimpse of my class final project for HTML5.
It's the home page for my website

Currently I'm helping a friend launch her fantastical

take a peek at it here..
Gotta run, boys are up from a nap!
Much LOVE to you all