Friday, February 25, 2011

Always wanted one..and Something REALLY FUNNY!!!!

I don't know what it is...
I have always had a thing for red telephone booths...
I've had plans for one for many years now...
Time machine
Hostess center at a restaurant
actual phone booth duh...
my secret elevator to the sky
or to my secret underground tunnel escape route when
I'm losing my mind
Ok so I'm feeling open here..
got a hilarious story to tell
At my cost, my dignity. lol
oh no

So I am, at the time of the story, 8.5 month pregnant,

At the grocery store with my son Lukas..

He is freaking hilarious,
We were walking down the refrigerated liquor isle..
No I wasn't boozing it, just taking a wishful detour :)
Out of no where, no warning..
spontaneous gas.
Sound effects
As if that were not BAD enough..
No wait it gets better/funnier
at my cost, because this is really freaking embarrassing..
Lukas makes a funny comment about it and for the life of me I can't remember what because truly
I was in shock from the horror of embarrassment..
and not from the sound effects either. lol
His comment made me pee
just a little
A little then..
I of course shared this embarrassment with Lukas and he made another really funny comment and I just don't know what happened..
All my muscles shut down in the bladder department.
Thank god for dresses..
I had pee'd, full bladder relaxation release all over the grocery store floor.
FULL BLADDER I remind you
I stood there in horror..
All I could do was laugh because..
I just couldn't believe it.
I just couldn't believe I pee'd all over the freaking floor.
Pee had filled my flip flops and I was flipping a trail of pee to the bathroom.
I am Totally serious.
By some magic of nature there happened to be an employee in the bathroom at the same time as I entered. In my laughing shock I told her what happened, of course feeling like a complete idiot,
duh I pee'd all over the grocery store floor.
I told her I was pregnant,

duh, like she couldn't tell
shock you know..
I wanted her to be sure to know that I normally don't go around peeing on floors..
She laughed, understood and said she would take care of it.
I still had a cart of food that had to make it to the check out line.
So as Lukas and I with my moist flip flops headed towards the checkout line we hear the dreaded
"Clean up in isle 9"
I almost pee'd my pants..
Oh wait I already did
Pregnancy, it'll do funny things to ya...
Laughing is good :)

Magical Deer Mice

Here are the magical field/deer mice we found in the parking lot of

Cahokia Mounds without a mama. The Ava and Jordan nursed them from babyhood to the cute young adults now are.
They are now looking for new home owners.
They were a gift from the universe to the girls to practice taking

care of rodents to make sure that they can properly care for pets before buying themselves their dream hamsters.
They really are good luck.
How many people discover baby mice running around a parking lot, in the freezing cold of winter that came running towards us and were friendly..
So cute :)
here's the craig s list ad for them

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food for Sunday Scribblings...

Oh food,
We've come a long way.
Grilled cheese sandwiches, saltines, bomb pops, oranges galore...

Hubba bubba, hubba bubba give me some more!
Salami in the microwave making bowl shapes

(Indie Xavier)

crispy on the edges..
cereal, milk shakes, french fries,
oh my!

How on earth did I ever get by?
Thank you mom for making dinner to fill my nutritional needs..
With what I was feeding myself I don't know how I ever
grew my seeds.
Growing now...Moving out
Magazines, nightclubs, running about..
comparisons, COMPARISONS, WTF
why do some of us get trapped in this rut?
One week no food, exercise
next week binge... and exercise..
third week eat healthy, exercise feeling great
next week eating less and less on my plate..
Cycle begins again
Rage, sadness, why me?
Moved away from it all..
far far away
Met my ex
both were "sensitive" shall I say..
In a weird time of our lives
Had children that I love each and every day.
Having a baby turned on a light..

I don't want him or her to go through this kind of fight.
Body found it's place, where it like to be..
eating what ever my heart wants for me.
Some days I eat little not because of any type of
But because of a great big somethin'
Following my heart

(my beautiful husband and cutie pie)

I'm flying high

(friend Kim, Distinctive applications (amazing muralist) and I)

Sometimes when I'm soaring I don't want to stop

Kim, Bridgett (another amazing teacher and artist, Genie spiritualist/loving soul, and me. We were a team on Extreme makeover home edition in 2009. Did a candy themed girls room)

that's what's nice about the crock pot :)

(Silly Lukas)

I'm so glad I escaped the dsymorphic trap

(Jordan the soon to be contortionist)

I am me and that is that!
You here that ego!!!
I still have my struggles
compares none to my early adulthood.
I am so grateful for that
I hope your arm heals soon!
I love you bunches.
All the way to the moon.
Erase your sadness
There are better places to be
Listen to your heart
and Just be.

Monday, February 21, 2011

So much to do..

What a world wind of a weekend..The wind blew the time right by.
That's ok though cause I do love the weekdays too :)

I am glad though that the full moon has done her magic and is beginning her descent to the new moon,
which is such a energetic time for me.


I'm feeling kind of low today,
just describing
maybe its the rain.
Maybe its just the
"shut up"
time of the month for me?

I am listening
waiting for the lights to come back on.

time to go deep within and gather..
so many images have floated through my head last night..
So lightening.
glimpses of Pixy Pocahontis and her love.

I so wish I had a camera attached to my brain.
I feel like something is welling up from deep inside.
The answers to what I am desiring.
What do I desire?

I desire to inspire:)
I would like for my art to travel around the world
spreading love.
I desire to be a great financial contributor to
our family.

I desire to contribute to those who need help
whether it be following their heart,
affording life's necessities when times are tough,
support the arts, alternative medicinal practices,
spiritual growth, children self esteem.
I find it so interesting how always I seem to come back to children.
I feel that it is so important to start with the children..
Brainstorming out loud right now.
What can I do to make a difference?
I am here for my children,
teaching them to love one another,
trying to erase all the mean garbage they can at
times can learn from their peers which was
learned from other sources.

I don't like mean
I don't like lying, dishonesty, cheating, degrading, greed
How can we steer our children away from this
in world so full of it?
Maybe Pixy Pocahontis has the answer..
Just maybe :)
I hope you all don't mind my random babblings..
Sometimes I don't filter what I say.
I just let it come out how it does.
A woman (not going to say names here) that I am not
very fond of has called me self absorbed/self centered.
Maybe I am?

But it doesn't erase the fact that in all my "selfabsorbedness"
my purpose is to make a difference in the whole.
If I am not me, if I don't follow my heart,
If I don't nurture myself how can I do the same for others?
I would not want to give myself to others
if I am in the shambles and all I have to give is
grief, sorrow, hate, drain, worry.
We all have our circumstances that we have been through in our life.
We do our best to grow from them.

If from my experiences I can blossom and share my essence with another, helping them to blossom too,
well then, so be it.
And if I can share this love with children,
to help create a shift where it is needed
then so be it.
If I believe in myself
I am not self absorbed.
I AM me, I Am love.
Love is what I wish to share :)
Your heart is your compass..
Follow it.

Just had to finish with this cute picture of my
son Lukas. He had just had his eyes dialated.
He's such a handsome, kind, funny guy
and I love him to pieces.
I also want to say how proud I am of him with his grades!!!
Great job Lukas!
smarty pants :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maybe it's the.....

I don't know...
Let me see....
Let's take a consensus....
What could this be?

Anyone feeling strange...
right through to the brainze?

A little bit off,
not feeling too soft?

Crank shift high,
way up to the sky..
Into reverse and then back into first..
Snappy and peppy not Hippie,
not Pippy.

Need to pull out..
of common space.
And stare into air
in my own kind of place.

Breathe in...
take it ALL in..
breathe OUT
every last bit.
Releasing yourself,
free of this
crabby bratty self,
old pattern grabbing
damn fucking elf!

Be gone!... and leave me alone.

Leave me be home
where my heart is..

where joy takes over...
smile fills my all.

shares it with the world
nurturing it
growing it pure,
of love.

That is where I want to be

Is anyone feeling this?
Or am I alone?
I know this seems rather deep and all
but I'm the curious type..

I feel like action creates reaction
or action creates action.
So this leads me to the hypothesis
Is there some weird energy out there
in the universe, now?

Just looked at my We'moon Calendar
says the moon is full on Friday..
That might explain it..
Ok so I making this intention..
Shouting it out to the world.
My body, my mind and my spirit will remind me each month
When this energy comes about..
This sensitivity to all that is around me
over stimulation that
ultimately I let affect me
because I forget who she is..
The moon,
the powerful energy of emotion
I get so wrapped up in her sometimes..

I can hardly keep afloat
She is so loose flowing,
drifting me farther and farther out into sea
away from me
wrapped up into the emotion and the connection to the past.
Merging them together into the now.

I will know when you are on your way.
for now and always
I'll be watching you grace the sky
Planted firmly
being here now
loving your beauty
while nurturing the earth

with my love seeds

Monday, February 14, 2011

OH MAN~!!!!

I gotta get this out of me!!
I just went to Kelly Rae Roberts blog and watched her video
of her painting one of her beautiful paintings..
It just fucked my mojo all up..
Please be nice!
we are all different and that is what makes us interesting.
There I was, last night all into my work, thinking it's beautiful,
fantastic, colorful, fun, blah blah blah...
it just seems......
I'm better
Kelly, you rock
I rock,
We all rock!
Now let's roll..

Gonna get my paint on and
Just Fucking Do it!
with love that is
and Pixy Pocahontis is off...
Following her heart into the bliss of

Happy Valentines Day :)

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day all..

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend I had, well the whole family had :)

We went to a place called the City Museum in St. Louis on Saturday

and let me just say.....

It's one of the seven wonders of the world..

Seriously, it should be like the 8th wonder.

It is truly AMAZING!

I will be blogging about that adventure tomorrow or Wednesday


You don't want to miss it because

really, if you can take a trip to St. Louis just to go there

you would not regret it.

In fact you would want to come back once a year with your children

or heck with a friend.

It's that fun!!

Super crazy, fun, thrilling, eccentric, mosaic tile filled, tunnel haven,

tight squeezing, skateboard ramping running, swirling rebar madness,

10 story twirling slide, Old airplane 3 stories high to play in, in which you have to climb through a swirling tunnel of metal

to get to. I'm not kidding this place its amazing and almost indescribable.

Ok so back to Valentines Day,

Love Love Love

I wanted to share this illustration with you all

cause I love it.

It's by a girl named Hsinping Pan.

She is an animator and illustrator originally from Taiwan.
Now living in sunny California.

She likes to draw colorful and happy things and hope's her

prints can bring a smile to your face and joy to your room.


Here are some places you can find her...

This is her lovely shop on Etsy

Sorry if the links need to be copied and pasted..

I am still learning how to make direct links. :)

Oh and I can't figure out why these pictures will not center

themselves or size to fit :(

I tried everything I could without all day long obsessing so...


Did my best!

I hope you all have a fantastic Day,

full of the finest tasting chocolate and

other tasty treats,

including smooches :)

OH and on one last note...ALSO

an amazingly creative weekend.

I saw Pixy Pocahontis and began capturing her in paint and I started

the painting titled..

"Fear is just an accessory. You either wear it or you don't"

It's awesome!

Stay tuned