Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Sunday...

Hello Universe...
Hello Sunshine through the ever-changing colored leaves...
I am here!
I'm really not in the mood to get to every detail of the last couple of months..
Just want to be here now..
Last week was good :)

Had really good conversations with good friends..
Moved energy again..
Got a re-order on headband orders..
signs which lead me to believe that its all good..
"following your heart"
 at all times can be hard when you are thrown into a whole new lifestyle again-balancing the art of having a toddler and infant" 
Because sometimes my heart has a "schedule" of when it wants to do what, and that schedule is on the same dimension of taking care of/balancing children/infant play..
Which there needs to be much of around here with "Indie-and his energy"..
Play play play
break break break
scream scream scream
Appbule Juice? Appbule Juice?
Nigh Night? Nigh Night? Nigh nighhhhht...
I LOVE to play with Indie...
I also love naps :)
I can either nap too when I'm needing some extra energy 
create work-read-housework-exercise
I choose to try for a balance of all of the above..
Out of a typical week I'd love to spend at least 1-2 of my days with some good exercise so...
combining housework and physical fitness a couple days of the week and creating a couple days...
Reading and food-supply prep a day or two a week.
Although I created that three month dinner guide with matching grocery list by the week....
IT still seems kind of overwhelming,
 with all that is in my life at this time,
to totally follow any schedule...
Babies and toddlers are unpredictable and a lot of the time you just have to kind of go with what they want in order to keep the balance/sanity...
And that doesn't just apply to the parents in the situation.

Did I mention that I am VERY grateful that Genie and Mia help keep the sanity/balance? 
And the kids are also being helpful with the younger ones...
anyways, back to the story...
Imagine being a very curious-explorative, lacking self control, two year old, BOY...and
someone telling you no when you REALLY want to be playing with that thing OR just flipping destroying things for the pure curiosity of "what would happen if I do this!?"
That two year old might throw a tantrum, losing his sanity
and As mom's eyes tear up from the shrill and piercing of his fire dragon energy coming from his mouth, she begins to lose her sanity as well :)
Ah.. but usually by that time arrives its pretty close to nap time so....
The dragon goes down for his nap..
Both/all are relieved...
So this one day, during nap time, while starting the headband order...
The idea to hold a headband class came up to the surface again and...
I went for was the perfect timing..
from that idea, up popped The Crystal Project idea again.

I felt it was time to do this loving magical energy
 on a larger scale so...
 the next class I do is going to be a free class...
It's going to be funded by the
 "Follow your Heart Foundation",
which is a little peace bank that sits on my desk.
I have been adding random funds from sales and such in there
to spread the love...
And soon, I will be making a trip out to "DriftStone Pueblo" 

702 West Tower Road  St. Elmo, IL 62458
(618) 829-3158

and getting all the stones and crystals needed for the project.

 Just earlier today I got this vision..

"Like...I love this Project"
so much and I see it being a really loving peace movement...

Love infuser.....
People who take the time to just write one little message-positive
inspiration-love on a piece of
 cardboard (can be recycled from cereal boxes),

 tie a string to it, and tie the whole message to a crystal or stone,
 and leave it somewhere along your daily travels.
The person the message was intended for finds it,
and the message perfectly connects with the person
 through the  energy of pure love.
And instantly that person is raised to a happier vibration..
and will most likely share that love with another
creating a chain reaction
of LOVE.

Anyways if that is not exciting enough, giggle
I thought it could be fun for kids or anyone to just find stones
 they like outside and paint the rock and do the same..
 I think it could be fun to have a International Crystal Project Day.
Ok so that's a little big headed, but could be cool :)
I will say though the thing I like about it is that it is 
and who ever gets the message has no idea where it came from,
but there it is, just sitting there, saying..
"I am for you, pick me up"
And we would all be like little crystal fairies...:)
Being a kid, keeps me young...
I am grateful...I am love...I love my family.
"Just"Be"here now"Ram Dass
Peace Out...
"Pixy Pocahontis"