Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello all...

It has been a busy week.
I can hardly believe its Thursday already.
I've had my face glued to the computer and hand to the pen and paper scribbling zillions of notes.
My studio is a MESS.
My brain is a little the same,

I have faith that this is a beautiful and productive mess,
and that gracefully,
all these notes, scraps of paper, saved computer pages will all drift into a nice neat pile titled:
Business Plan for Nato Botto Art.

I Hope you enjoy my inserted color inspirations..
They are a taste of what will come to fruition
in my spring/summer 2012 collections..
More to come..
Have a great weekend :)
Pixy Pocahontis

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's going up :)

Short and sweet and right to the point..
Super excited here..
Sheesh when am I not?..
Am I overly excited?
No, I don't think so,
just a real happiness for life
and grateful!
I've got an art Rep!
I've got some deadlines...
I've got some real serious focus too!
The Universe is a beautiful vastness of everything of
you could ever dream of:)
For real..
My focus?
"Pixy Pocahontis"
She will soon becoming to...
a boutique near you,
More to come soon!
Different than what you've seen..
The best is yet to come..
Can't wait to share!
for now...
Peace and Hugs
Pixy Pocahontis