Monday, November 4, 2013

"Everything you can imagine is real."-Picasso

Ahhh, it feels so good to be here again.

Man, I am trying to type here, while listening to some singing monks, its making me all goofy-ish. giggle

Anyways..I started up morning pages again and gosh, every time I do them I instantly am connected to higher self.

It's a beautiful thing.
When you take time to listen/write it is amazing the wisdom and encouragement that appears. 
I am encroaching upon a magical period in my life. 
Almost done with classes which means...
Time to really settle into the final stages of

"She Spreads Love"
I have wanted to write a Children's book forever now.
Some may ask, why now, why haven't you done it before?
Divine timing...
Some may call it lack of focus or procrastination, I strongly believe that everything has its time and some things need to marinate in life force. I began my desire to write a children's book back in 1993.
Just out of High School. 
I was a dabbler in illustrating here and there, non-sense spiritual sketching, beautiful colors, learning....
I did not go to school for art but I have a strong passion for it.

In 1995 I began sketching some illustrations, inspired by Dr. Seuss's ABC book, and at that time I thought "I could make a pretty cool alphabet book too. Children would love to read my book with their mom and dad."
Although my illustrations were "cute" the inspiration wasn't there.

Time went on and I had this other vision, which I never did because I wasn't the "stand up in front of a crowd and speak" kind of person..but anyways...the idea was along the line of this...
I thought it would be cool for there to be an assembly that would travel from school to school to teach the value of authenticity and help to prevent bullying and peer pressure.

AND strangely it wasn't until this VERY moment that I came up with that way of describing it. 
Oh man I am starting to tear up because this is a beautiful moment to me, how things just fall into place. 

The vision for the assembly generically went along these sort of lines..
I envisioned someone coming out on stage dressed up very "dorkly", fat, acne, unfashionable, in a greater sense unappealing to the eye, but totally believable.
This person would come on stage and start talking about bullying, peer pressure, following your heart, doing what is right, etc..I wanted to see how the audience would react to the knowledge that this unappealing person shared with them. 

Then I wanted to show a video, one of that person, removing their costume and revealing the person on the inside.
I wanted to see how the audience would react now to the information that was shared with them. Then the person would come back out on stage, without the costume and talk with the children about their thoughts and feelings on it all. 

The whole purpose of the assembly being, that everyone is beautiful on the inside and that making fun of people for how they look, what they love to do, putting people down for
 being themselves is breaking us apart.
Each one of us is a miracle, and each one of us should be able to shine how we want to, and when we do, we light up the world. 

When we are our true authentic selves, I believe we are the change we want to see in the world. We are all pieces of the puzzle of life. 
Because I believe that within, all we want is love, peace and joy.
And by being ourselves, we encourage others to be themselves.
Doing what we feel within our hearts, doing what feels good, I believe is being in alignment with the whole.

I am not being naive here, I know there are sick people in this world, mean people, but if I can make a difference even if in a little way, then I am following my heart and doing so, because 
it is what I believe to be true.

And that is me being authentic. 
Open to being vulnerable by speaking of what I believe in, 
Because I believe this to be true.  
And in no way can my truth hurt anyone because all that 

I desire to see is good :)
And I want to set this positive example for our children.
I had children, married for 12 years, started a business, did art shows, tried to make ends meet and get ahead of the game.
Got divorced, giggle, married again...

Had two more children, crazy me, giggle,  
and now I know what I need to do. I have gathered information, learned a lot! "It's not easy being cheesy" but I'm gonna be do it.."I am what I am" and I am love :)

I have this tingling desire within me that I am here to make a difference. I am here to use my gifts, as simplistic and "dreamy" as they may be, to spread peace, love, encouragement, joy and the value of authenticity in this world.
And I am. Now realizing that my desire to make a children's book isn't about teaching the ABC's, there are plenty of those. 

It's about teaching love, its about (and please, I am NOT a preacher or promoting any sort of religion here) bringing a sense of spirituality

back into this fast paced world. Teaching love, kindness, the value of authenticity, encouragement, community, joy, through simple phrases of positivity and artwork that makes you smile and feel good :)
I can't wait to share my book with you and the world!

 Peace and love
Natalie Kelsey-Pixy Pocahontis