Thursday, April 11, 2013

Backpack on, Candle lit, Traveling within..Trust the Process

I know that many of you may see me as the Positive, bubbly type, encourager of the heart, spreading wellness, artist girl and

 I am, 

the deepest most purpose part of who I am, is that.

and I am trying with all my heart,

to swim in that love...

to spread that love...

but man,
 somethings in the air,

Art journaling inside a Kelly Rae Robert Journal
 and the wind, she is not consistent..

Has anyone else felt it ?

 Strong blows rattle heart...

and lofts one off to dark places...

Places ye pray not to be.
the wind is cold,

Deep breaths to find center...

A Excerpt from A Return to Love
focuses on its light,

to warm back the heart...

and dance,

in knowing.. 

that love is the key

that opens the door


 to brighter places.

Focus on What you want

Peace,  joy and much love.