Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love in the Studio :)

Today was a great day..

Genie and I worked lovingly, ever so focused on Headband creations.

I love this one, it's very simple but so fun..It's called Static :)

I wanted to share some of them with you...

Just a taste of the dots, glue, string and burnt fingers, lol.

I also wanted to throw in a couple of random photos I love.

The first one being of Julie, Ernie, Jan and Indie..

This is from a month or so ago when we were hanging out at The Abbey

enjoying the beautiful weather, playing a little I Ching :)

It is so nice to have great friends.
Love you guys!

This next picture was taken at before lift off, of our first boat ride of the year..As you can see Lukas is in the engine

compartment..Already..Battery was dead :( lol..
BUt wait! we got it started..

It died out on the water..lol..AND when we tried to fix the problem it caught fire!..OMG!

Keep in mind this was Indie's first boating experience..
I sent him and Ava off the boat onto the tube we were going to play on..Life jacketed up and not a happy camper, lol..
THEN, we were taking on water...plug was missing :(
We are new to this thing, lol
Had to blow the horn and be towed in by another boater.
Good thing the boat stalled because it was taking on water only when it was running, so if we kept going there would have been a real serious problem.
Everything happens for a reason :)
It was still a good day.
Did I mention that was Mother's day?
We have since had success and are all enjoying summer tremendously.
I am grateful.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trust the Process

I thought I should take some time and explain a little more what it is that I am trying to achieve with all the “quotes” that I put in my creations.
Starting with “Trust the Process"

I don’t know how many of you have “thought” struggles in your day to day lives but I do at times, and through my art is how I am setting new “healthy” thinking patterns for myself and hopefully

for others that may need it as well.
I am not a therapist but I am a heart follower and this is part of my mission.

Creating art is my passion.
My passion is also a medicine, that I’d like to share with you.
My art contains love, joy, inspiration, encouragement and boundless energy.
“Your heart is your compass...Follow it”

This is where “Trust the Process” comes in.
Many of us believe that we should just get a job that pays our bills or get a job to afford to

buy things that help “make us happy or be considered of importance in society.
Don’t get me wrong, I like to be able to afford nice things, be able to travel and etc.. but the truth is in the end, it is not these things that make us happy.

I am not claiming to know anything new, I’m sure many of you have heard this before, but I am getting to the “Trust the Process” part :)

We have all inherited some great and some not so great/not so us thinking patterns.
I am changing the not so great/not for me patterns.
These include the following..Worry..Ego trip..self esteem.
Now why on earth would I choose to divulge this information so publicly?
Because I know there has to be many that can relate..so..
Many times, during my creative process, after my heart has spoken and given me guidance, Ego steps in...
I don’t think that’s a good idea, you’re gonna ruin it with that color, it doesn’t match, you didn’t try it out on another piece of paper first...and so on.

“Trust the process”
Other times when doing random things and intuition has guided me, instantly, showing me the way, Ego steps in..
I think you should do it this way, I don’t think its going to work that way, what if it breaks, you’re gonna hurt yourself, that’s just going to take way to long...etc...So also the question to ask yourself when the ego steps in is
"What does your heart say?"
then...follow it and...

“Trust the Process”

Regarding my path of health choices, which I choose to go mainly the alternative route (I do find great value allopathic medicine, but for daily wellness maintenance I choose natural the most I can and save the big guns when they are needed.) using essential oils, Chiropractor, organic foods, etc...
Ego steps in..
"Most people get shots you know...you’re gonna catch something and not be able to fight it off, organic costs way to much besides you’ve spent the majority of your life without it and your alive, what if you can’t afford this type of care anymore?, this process takes much longer why don’t you just take a pill...etc..."

“Trust the process”
Regarding my physical, you are a beautiful child of the Universe, no better no worse than any other child of god, Ego steps in...
You are pretty but...
Your arms look manly, look how feminine that girl looks, you should wear more girly things, you should exercise more (well my heart says this too for healthy reasons) your hands are knobby and nails are too short, you should be more womanly and let the men do more of the heavy lifting and manly things, etc..I could go on and on with this bull shit and it is BULL shit. An added quote goes along with these thoughts...

"Be gentle with yourself"

“Trust the Process”
We are all pieces of the puzzle of life, without our uniqueness I don’t think we would fit together. Maybe? But if we were all the same wouldn't that be boring, I know we would feel safe but would we be growing?
Blah, sidetrack..
Anyways...Trust the Process works for me on many levels..
and next Quote..

“Just Fucking do it”
Have a great day...
I am :)