Thursday, January 5, 2012

Huge Exhale......Big Smiles..

Well, I've done it :)

I met my deadline.

(Indie looking all dapper for Christmas)
Here's what I have done:

Majority of my business plan, made tags for pieces,

made fabric labels, designed a stamp logo for fabric labels,

partially set up new Pixy Pocahontis Etsy store (waiting to be loaded with items),

Designed over forty five new headbands, twenty of which are going to market, gave all my headbands item #'s,
made a book of formulas for

each headband, stayed sane, designed a display for the headbands

(which came out AWESOME and I am very proud of myself), along the

(Indie Christmas morning)
process came up with new ideas for next/future collections,
ate a lot of chocolate, drank a bunch of wine and amazing vodka

(this buffalo brand that has a hint of coconut flavor to it) :)

Had family over for the holidays...used my new sewing machine...

Oh yeah and made two mannequin heads too...

Tomorrow is the big photo shoot..
SOOOO exciting!

Sorry I haven't written for so long,

I do, while in the process, do many shout outs via instagram and Facebook..
Pixy Pocahontis and Nato Botto Art..
Gonna go..

Have some more loose ends to tie up..
I am SOOOOO grateful and
I trusted the process, even when I was in doubt ;)
Oh and...not one of the pictures listed above are part of the collection going to market...
they are going to be a surprise...
I may have posted a couple on facebook ;)
Peace all...