Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

 Happy number Two
to Mr. Indie Poo
 It was a great day at the O'fallon Sports Park Splash Pad
where we had Indie's Birthday party.
Sunny, not too hot, and a nice breeze.
 Perfect day for letting loose...
giggle...and believe it or not Ari wasn't the only person letting it all hang out, lol...The girl in the background, well poor thing, I don't think she realized she was running with her top hanging out..and yes, it really is. Another picture I have of little man watering the grass here shows her running free..
But I don't think it would be too nice to post it. 

 We were SO happy to have so many wonderful friends attend the celebration..Just look at little Jiya, what a little sunshine cutie pie! I love how the balloon matched her outfit
 Indie totally loves Cars, so his theme was Lightening McQueen. I made some delicious raspberry cupcakes, all natural, gluten free even...We had watermelon, juice boxes, chips and a lot of fun. 
Very basic Menu.
 Indies goody bags had balsa wood airplanes, hand puppet tattoos, 
punching balloons, finger monsters and a Car's lolly pop. 
 Mr. Ollie had fun!
 Little dude had fun!
 Friends friends friends...
 Rosemary came too! 
 Ollie wanted all the cupcakes for himself..
They must have been good :)
Or maybe he just wanted all the little car toppers on the cupcakes..
 As soon as Chase, Claire, Jack and Addie got there Indie was all hugs and smiles.

 It's so cute to watch the little people love on the littler people:)
 Little acrobat!
 It was a fun fun time and only took seconds for Indie to fall asleep in the car on the ride home..
Thank you everyone for coming! 
And Indie thanks you all a bunch for the great gifts too!
The first thing he wanted to do was put on the super hero Jammies. 
 Brand new....Now two...
Man the time flew!
Ten days to go until a new little person comes into our lives.
Can't wait to meet you, our little guy!
Soon it will be Indie and Kai and a group of five...
Boy I hope we make it out alive...