Thursday, December 30, 2010

At the Abbey

I am delighted to share a installation I did at the Abbey Espresso Bar in Belleville, Il.
It was kind of a last minute invitation,
Always up for spur of the moment, sometimes that is when magic happens best :)

I had been working on an inspirational art series
and not one piece had been framed yet.
Hmmmmmm, how to hang?

Well I'm really into just followin' spirit at this time,
heck I do my best to always be that way, Anyways....

Yarn, I'll hang them from swirling yarn.
Well the yarn didn't swirl well, unless I wanted to poke a zillion holes in the walls so....

I just let go and went with it.
Connecting the pieces wherever my hand wanted to go..
I had an audience and they were diggin the freeness of it and I was diggin it so I kept flyin..

As I stepped back to observe the
creative chaos :)
The vision came forth...

I had created a Dream Catcher and this is my dream.

It felt wonderful!