Monday, September 19, 2011

A Typical Day in My Life- Scarey, not really

 Pull up your chair..
Grab your coffee,

I'm just gonna get straight to it.

I am a beautiful Mess..

This is gonna be really Random, not gonna hold back,
I'm showing you some typical here.
Picture a calm beautiful day, staring at the ground, covered with
Can you see the frog? 
 a bunch of stones, pebbles, random crunchy things, 
Debra Prinzing

a few springs of grass,

These are my Days

 sun gleeming (I like this spelling better),
 and clarity comes. Everything feels right, just as it all should be, you know who you are, what your purpose is..

A deep breath, smile..

You glance up, away from the patterned ground and all those stones, so concrete, so rightly placed,
They lift off and all you see is butterflies, 

Do you like this picture?

all around you 

Darby Shawchuk
and ahead...
A beautiful sparkling lake,
Water, so flowing, 
changing but not really..
Just moving..
The sun makes glitter sparkles upon the lake..
Again...Everything feels right..

I sit, stand,dance around my art table..

Ideas in my head,

so concrete, so physical that they (in my mind) 

already exist. 

I begin creation..

IT feels so right..

I glace up, 

see another object/inspiration and..
All that I was working on,


It's butterflies all around my head

and now I am looking at the lake 
and its sparkles..

So now I am there,

Looking at the lake, 

butterflies flying all around me,

More ideas


I begin creation

Feels so right
I glance up..

Now there is a path...
I must check this out....

Anyone else have this energy that they have to harness?
I am VERY grateful for my creativity,
the ability to be inspired by so many things,
all which truly brings me joy,

Sometimes it just gets SO frustrating when I really want to get shit done, NOW!

It's 11:11 now:)

I have art shows coming up and all these damn butterflies
are filling my studio and the water is getting deep.
But...that little gentle voice,
the one that makes it all ok..
IT says "trust the Process"
 "your heart is your compass, follow it" 

This always seems to bring me back into alignment.

The sun just came out, for literally 20 seconds, it was beautiful..

I know my process...

Do you know yours? 
I just wish I could remember it when I forget..
And when I forget my process it just means that I am out of alignment with my heart..
Symptoms are, lol
tired, tired, tired, did I say tired?

Worried, a little cranky, 
working hard without getting results...
This weather is not helping...
Sorry Dr. Troy and Leah  but...

I must have coffee..

Trust The Process...
All is well..
and it is :)

At least for now..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Travels to Sweden and Denmark, LOVE

I am Grateful!
That is my mantra. 
If I can program myself to automatically repeat that saying anytime a negative thought crept inside my head that would be wonderful. 
I am, just describing (you know how the law of attraction is..I wouldn't want to set this energy out into the world, so I am "just describing") feeling rather on the side of blah lately.
Low on energy, hard on myself, sore, stiff, 
just flipping shitty. lol, hey just saying that made me feel better..
I am NOT shitty :)
Maybe I am still experiencing a bit of Jet lag? Possible?
I think so.
I AM grateful!I have everything going for me..
A beautiful family, loving husband that I LOVE to smooch everyday, old home with character, own business, art studio, and..
We all got to go on an awesome adventure to Sweden and Denmark a couple weeks ago.
I know this isn't relating much to my art, hope you are cool with that, I need a break from it, to share this happiness..
I am Grateful and here it goes..
We landed after a long flight, in Copenhagen, Denmark.. 
OMG it was SO QUIET...eerieingly quiet..Almost like wearing protective ear phones quiet, no joke.
This ended up being a common occurrence throughout this whole trip, I loved it...Quiet..

Headed to the baggage claim when Lukas, my oldest son-16 had immense pain in his abdomen. So intense his breath and speech was constricted and tears welled up in his eyes.
He is a Big man now and for him to be in such pain was frightening and for this to be happening in a foreign country was... 
OMG, what do we do?
Fast forward-
A medical team came, took him into their ambulance, Lukas was freaking out, not only because of his pain but he was worried about how much this was going to cost..

Of course so were we but his care was first and foremost..But Lukas was so concerned he asked the paramedics..
Cute little hedgehog we found walking around in Malmo :)
Before his ride to the hospital took off out of the ambulance came one of the paramedics to say that the ride was free and so was the Healthcare..
We were in Denmark!

So off we all went, us in a mercedes mini van, getting a nice tour of Copenhagen en route to the hospital. And the hospital  experience was quite positive and interesting.. ..
It's so different, so Quiet...
The hallways were so wide, again, so quiet, didn't smell of disinfectant, And it kind of reminded me of a mixture of school house rock and ikea, giggle
No more details other than Lukas was OK,
An extreme case of gas, lol..

Thank you Denmark for your kindness..
So off again, now on a train across the sea, to Malmo, Sweden.

Man are the trains spiffy..
Why do we not have such nice modes of transportation in the US?
And why is beer and wine free on international flights? lol
And why is it so loud here, in the states?
Such pushed panic towards "alert" "alert" watch your bags, do this do that... fear fear fear..
The castle
In Europe/ it was peaceful, quiet and kind.
Lukas and I outside the church.
 I totally forgot my red scarf to match my shoes.
 All I had was this leopard print..But I am grateful I had it cause it was nippy.
I LOVE my red shoes:)
So we were here for a wedding..
another fast forward..
Stephanie was the most elegant fashionista bride ever..She looked amazing!
After the ceremony, which was gorgeous we all took a march/skip/hop/jump/dance/tra la laaaa over to the castle where the reception was held. 
During the stroll I took some photos of the streets of Malmo :)
I loved the old decorative cobble stone roads...
The phone booths were so cute...
Once we got onto the castle property there was a lake/pond,
A windmill

a long path lined with trees which felt as if I were in a storybook,
A lovely garden full of flowers, and these wonderful artichokes.
The reception was held in the Basement of the castle in bunker like rooms, with arched brickwalls/ceiling and old rustic wooden plank floors.
It smelled a little of burnt wood with a touch of wet stone and ambiance was extraordinary.
Mr and Mrs Andrew Kelsey
Sekou, Indie and I by the dinner tables :)
It was all pretty much candle lit, in the basement of an old castle..
It was very romantic
The kiddos
And a bit rowdy, a good rowdy :)
We laughed, danced and drank lots of beer and good wine :)
Love this shot
Dance dance dance
I can't tell if that's Jemima or MAxine on the far left but center is Stephanie and right is Ava
Andrew dancing the night away with Indie

A view from the end of the table

Drew and his stache
A beautiful moment
This was not a time for Quiet, this was a time for celebration and wow did we all celebrate!
Dancing duo
Goof balls
After dinner, when the dancing began a sheet full of sticker mustaches were passed out..

Oh and amazingly no one passed out, lol
There was a lot of drinking merrily going on:)
Sexy Stache Kitten Stephanie and her catch
Lukas and I
This picture crack me up, giggle
OMG, so fun!
What a hoot we all had with them.
We even found a left over mustache hidden in Indies Stroller the next day, which we stuck on his eyebrows while he was sleeping.
Wigs were also going around at the wedding
Jordan, this is a good look for you, lol
Yo man everything is A O K
Indie was a dancing maniac! he was up until 3am! no joke :)
When he woke up he looked like the caveman from the geico commercials..
I think it's the geico commercials..
This is one of my favorites! Indie the maestro.
Picture taken of Ava at the dinner table at the wedding
We spent the next couple of days walking the streets of Malmo, checking out the boutiques and coffee houses and our last day in Copenhagen at the Tivoli amusement park which was freaking amazing!
There was so much eye candy there..
Fun old school details mixed with modern..
We loved it!
Love this!

One of my favorite parts was the swings, it went up god knows how many stories in the sky and we had a phenomenal view of 
Copenhagen, major wind blowing in my face so it was hard to see, but when I did get a glimpse I saw a field of steepled roof tops, patina'd domes and a glistening sunset.

Major cotton candy
Love this sign at the Tivoli
Look at all the eye candy..So fun!
More thing a ma jigs to see :)
Fun mural on the wall at the coffee house/restaurant 
This ceiling was pretty nifty

 Copenhagen, major wind blowing in my face so it was hard to see, but when I did get a glimpse I saw a field of steepled roof tops, patina'd domes and a glistening sunset.

Love this horse, so scandinavian 
I was also freezing my butt off but it was SOOOO worth it!
Sekou and I agree'd that we must come back and explore Copenhagen again someday...
And after all, we only saw the hospital, train station, airport and the Tivoli there. 
I am so grateful for this experience, we are all so grateful to have gone together.
But as all times must come to an end, so did our trip..

We were sad to leave, giggle.