Friday, July 27, 2012

Loving life changes...following my heart...

happiness :)
Five to six weeks to go in this pregnancy.
So excited to meet
I am also looking forward to Indie meeting his new baby brother to see how he is going to react. 
It's also nice, the idea of a home birth and the whole family being there to bring this little guy into the world. 
A shift has occurred in me...
It feels so nice, yet an old energy patterns whispers at me....
"what about me"
"I have been with you for so long, through so much.."
I reassure it that I have learned a great deal and am VERY grateful to have this "energy" as part of me, that it was all part of the process that is getting me to where I am now.
That "it" is a very, very beautiful thing and will ALWAYS be a part of me and will be nurtured, loved, wanted.
For, in being an artist, I learned the "art" of creating what I want in life..And it has always been love, JOY :) 
And although it started with tangible things and is now moving more towards a "feeling" type of energy,
it is all part of the process and 
"trusting the process"
the best I can :)
Energy is SO free flowing right now...So much information is being handed to me from the Universe...
I am looking forward to sharing with you..
I am REALLY wanting to share...
I want to spread this excitement, this 
new knowledge, in hopes that it can make a difference 
for many...
My goal is to spread love, health, abundance, vitality 
to all wanting it :)

Stay tuned :)