Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Waiting for the Sunshine and Spring Flowers to Bloom

Man these days are flying fast..So many things I am trying to accomplish, So many things in my head.

Om Mani Padme hum

Been journaling a lot lately..Trying to get the blahs OUT..Flip can the sun melt this snow and bring back the color or what?

I just feel like such a downer, I don't even know what to say, just I look t the screen and giggle like duh. 

Still trying to sell this flipping extra house of ours...It still sits there, lol. 


BUT...All is well..
I have a lot to be grateful for :)

Art is great, kids are healthy, beautiful home that we live in, a studio in the basement, part time job to supplement my expansion.
I am TOTALLY looking forward to going to Surtex in May to check it out!!!!! It is my desire to show there next year..I've got big plans, maybe too many? lol
I've got some HUGE decisions to make. 

Currently I am working on random art projects, illustrating my children's book (which I plan to have ready to be published in June/July) social media shouting, St. Anthony Project and selling this darn house. 
IT is my plan to go to massage school next fall, but Surtex, SURTEX is calling me too..And from what I've read from this excellent helpful book Jump Trust Repeat  by Jessica Swift, (which I highly recommend to you artist out there) It takes a lot of work and planning and moola :) Another book I recommend to artist is on my side bar...Flying lessons, by Kelly Rae Roberts, also an EXCELLENT read :) 

Gotta focus on the present and see where the Journey takes me right? I have HUGE plans for a collection of stuff to go with my children's book, a lot of which could be fantastically promoted at Surtex so massage school MAY wait a little longer. 

I totally want to create fabric, wall paper, kids rain boots, Children's bedding, kids room art, journals, umbrella patterns, iPad covers and more. IT's huge, exciting and I want to make it happen. 

Well, gonna run...Got both my boys in bed, thank God, they were little crabby monkeys this evening and I want to create!

Peace to you all!