Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happenings in the Studio and... Art Workshop Wednesday schedule :)

Here is a list of upcoming Art Workshop Wednesdays
Please sign up online or call to register.

Week of 7/15
11-12pm Mommy and me Tulip art 
 (note; it can be Grandma, Daddy, Grandpa, Auntie, whoever, just a sidekick)
1-2:30 Washi tape rainsticks 6 and up
3-5pm String map art ages 10 and up
Pass the Paper Adults 6:45-9pm

Week of 7/22
11-12pm Mommy and Me Carrot Foot Prints 
1-2pm Yarn Snakes 
(can be used as a cat toy)
3-4:30 3D Bird Sculptures
6:45-9:30 Adult Pass the Paper 

Little dudes were in the studio last week
It really was part of an impetus of change :)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these
 collaborative painted hand 
Cooperation Mandalas turned out

(Pet Portraits)

 ^^^^^^^^^This Happened^^^^^^^^
Blissfull Living Studio 
 officially has a dedicated kids room. 

It feels Great! 

 Distinctive Applications

This Lady, Kimmie was a HUGE help! 
Love you Kim!

Totally enjoying the outside out the studio.
 I love seeing it's growth :) 
I am SO grateful to be a business owner.

AND I am SO grateful for all the amazing people I am meeting, 
like this amazing Talented Lady.
Check out her "Pet Portraits" finished piece.
She used Pastels and rocked it!

 July 8th was the largest Adult Pass the Paper session
 I had ever done.
It was AWESOME! 

 There were a total of 12 people in the creation game. 

They turned out great. 
Each workshop is growing in all varieties
 of content. Love Love.

 Totally Dig the vibe in here..

I think
Kimmie likes it too :) 

I am SO SO SO looking forward to having 
some Hubbie time
 (we've both been working A LOT this week)
and playing with the kiddos in the sunshine!

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!

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