Monday, September 28, 2009

Living in Joy

Still working on those projects, Slowly but surely and with love.
I went to the Strange Folk Fest yesterday with my daughter and friends and had a BLAST! It was great. Met some wonderful people and saw some inspiring creations. Thank you universe:) I have one show I am doing for sure in November coming up and another I am submitting to today for December. Fun fun:) I felt it last night, the groove, the synchronistic harmony of being in purpose. Ideas kept flowing and my production kept up with thought, keep in mind it is fast:) I felt myself listening to my body more as well, which is very helpful when in such intense beautiful energy. IT's so amazingly powerful and finally my eyes got wobbly and heavy and thought fuzzy and I decided to call it quits and was glad to have enjoyed the experience. That was a session of truly going for it, following my heart and not thinking the what if's. Listening to the first spark of an idea without judgement and going for it:)
I went to Seattle a couple of weekends ago to see a good friend and possible partner in a awesome book she is creating. I will be doing the illustrations, I'm sure we will collaborate on art in the book too, we have to she is a creative dynamo and I couldn't imagine not collaborating on stuff together:)
Working on Earrings, notecards, bookmarks (so fun) and ????? art in general.
I am also painting at a lady's home at the same time and I would like to thank Marcia, for being so kind and understanding to my schedule and need to take a day here and there to stay home and create. It is people like her that create balance in this world. Having an understanding that when the need comes to create/run/write/sing/dance or whatever you gotta go with it because if not that moment is lost:) Thank you Marcia.
To everyone on this beautiful breezy Monday, Have a fantastic week!
Follow your heart.................

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