Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Got an Itch

Good day all! I hope you had a great Holiday. 
Ours was nice, full of family, smiles, play, fireworks, food, swimming, giggles. 

Although I am grateful for the lovely break we had together,
 my heart is longing to explore and feel the 
sun shine down on my face,
 in quiet. 
This is not my usual post. 
Today is a share on adventure.
Who wouldn't want to go to these places? 
Who wouldn't want to just float face up with nature all around and then flip over, open your eyes under the crystal clear water and look at the world below sparkling in the sunlight...

Or just sit and watch the sun travel across the sky as the clouds soar by and all you hear is the flitting sand.

Walking this path might be a tad scary if it were windy but man the view...

How gorgeous is this? 

A peaceful walk down this bridge...
yes please!

This is where I want to be right now. 
In this hut, waking to the sound of water sloshing 
gently against its pillars. 
Stepping out to the turquoise water, tropical fish abundant, 
mask, raft...
Adventures in the jungle..

This place has been in my dreams so I must have been there before? 
Maybe someday again? 
Where shall we go, my sweetie and I? 
Well, for now I'm of to paint...
Shows to get ready for :) 
Have a great week!

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