Monday, August 3, 2009

Day of Butt Flattening Networking

Our Kitty is getting much better. Obviously, as he is displayed here on attack on my art table:) Have fun Marvin Sunday. Please clean up the mess when you are done.. giggle

Well I have spent the majority of my day once again trying to figure out this Twitter world. With followers slowly building my brain is quickly loosing attention to this seemingly infinite resource of Business, sex, fashion, entertainment and freaking nonsense. Yes! I said it nonsense. There are some on there just chewing shit. Sorry to be so brash. But hey I guess there is nothing wrong with chewing the shit if it has good flavor, eh?
SIDETRACK... So Twitter, yes I have been slaving to your hard to understand info. for the last 4.5 hrs and what has that gotten me? Well just checked my tally and I have gained..., drumroll please...27 followers sigh, I thought I would at least have gained like 200. Sheese, I could go outside right now and have about a hundred gnats follow me from all this sweating I've done trying to navigate Twitter jargon. So Twitterians Please follow my stink like the gnats do:) My stink is good.. lol Lots of Aromatherapy, incense, fresh coffee, and new Art, yes I know that is odorless but not after I drop some essential oils on it:) Ok enough babble here. I am actually going to ditch this computer for the rest of the day (unless I get sucked into face book or an intense obsession to check my follower status on Twitter occurs) And actually get back to creating...Oh and to all of you wondering when I am going to have some new items posted... Soon. I am waiting for them to get back from their travels with my two wonderful friends who have offered to take them on sales trips.. How cool! AND they have made some sales in their travels..Bonus. Thank you Mia Sexton -an awesome Make-up Artist and Genie Turgeon- Serenity Healer, Life Coach, Peace Maker.
Totally different subject and last thing- FUNNY FOR THE DAY: Today there was an article in the newspaper written about one of the shops I sell in and the One I organize The Blissful Living Gathering on the fourth Saturday every month. There were a few oopsies in the article..One that really got me was " they even have singing bowls to mix oils and herbs in" Since when do we mix herbs and oils in singing bowls? lol Funny

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