Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Sharing the Process :)

The process......I am very grateful that I love the process, but sometimes I get impatient because the creative flow is so strong that I find it hard to juggle all the ideas I'd like to do. But upon observation I have come to find that one of the reasons for that is because I am "worried" that I may forget or lose that idea "wonderful idea" that just popped into my head.
The prevention, the key to not worrying is to have faith in yourself, be in the now, and focus only on what you want "in the now" and you will always know that if you are in that state, in the now, the idea that you are focusing on is an answer to your prayers.
Then deeper still is what does your heart say?
So lets put this together...To be in the now is to ask yourself "What does my heart say?" Follow it, have faith in it and know it is an answer to your prayer of "What does my heart say"
There is something about the energy from the heart that never ceases. It flows infinitely and if we tap into it, into our heart energy we will always be energized and always have all we need and can ever share.
I was thinking again today about The Crystal Project and what it is that I love about it so much.
It's a personal message, chosen or created with love by someone following their heart, in hopes to spread that same kind of love to another. I love how each message is discovered by that certain someone who was drawn to it or even so someone who placed it where it was needed to be discovered. I like the idea that someone is taking the time to say "I care" in a playful way that just feels good.
I really think that not only spreading kind messages into our communities can make a difference but also connected to the crystals with their different energy vibrations they can help to amplify the love the messages are trying to spread. I also believe that placing crystals in areas where there has been negative energy in the past they can help to cleanse and recharge that space in a positive way bringing about peace, harmony, creation, abundance, love.
It's all done with love, for love :)

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