Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Studio

It's been a while but I finally have a space to call "Studio". Yay!
It's amazing how much energy I feel from this inspirational space. Genie feels it too and KNOW that fun things are to come from us, "Baked Fruitcake"-Creations full of the fruitiest ideas baked with love by some peeps following their hearts. That's US! Yay! Thank you Genie for all your help in creating our new space and Thank you honey poo, Sekou for believing in my heart. I LOVE you babe! So here is it....Before and after pictures..I hope I can find the before, giggle..Oh and also know the space is still not completed fully. We have an awesome curtain to install (we have to sew it first) that goes under our work bench where we make our Pixy Pocahontis creations and jewelry.


  1. AH! It looks so awesome! Gabby and I are turning half of the basement in the new place into a little art room, you should totally come over and help us come up with some cute ideas for it! :)

  2. Sounds great:) I would love too. Hope all goes smoothly this weekend and that you guys all get plenty of rest. So fun. I'm glad things fell into place so quickly. All is well, yay!