Friday, June 10, 2011


I love the connection we all can find in people we meet or have just seen and read about. All the things we learn from each other, helping us on our way, encouraging our freedom even further.

So many of us have been molded (not always purposely) into someone we are not, and we find ourselves fighting against this energy that is not our own, even sometimes thinking there is something wrong with us..WHEN in actuality it's just our insides tugging at us, letting us know that maybe something isn't right, some part that was "given" to us that doesn't fit into our journey.
Hope this makes sense.
I used to get angry really easy, pissed off, especially when certain people did things that just weren't nice. It was there lack of niceness in handling situations that just set me off and you know what?
That didn't make me any better than the person who was being mean..It just added to it.
I have ALWAYS been sensitive to any kind of meanness, picking on, bullying, etc. and yet when I was little I can admit that there were times that I picked on people, usually because they, again, pissed me off or I felt threatened.

I did NOT learn the best coping skills other than if someone pushes you around enough then you should stick up for yourself and push back and give them a bit of their own medicine.
No! No! No!
Every time I ever experienced any type of confrontation I ALWAYS felt horrible afterwards. "Why did happen?" I asked myself..

This is not want I want, all I want is to be surrounded by people I could play with and loved, but yet it didn't always work that way.
Our home life can have the hugest impact on who we are.

I am very grateful for the little voice that shined through the negativity that at times surrounded my life, reminding me of who I am (not always with the best detail, lol, but a lot of love and joy)
Always wanting to see the best in people and situations which at

times was confronted with someone only seeing the negative and reminding me of that, planting seeds that I really didn't want to grow. Then followed by comments like "you gotta watch your back, you can't trust people, your being naive.
I felt so conflicted! What the fuck, I just wanna have fun, love people, grow, create the life I want. I don't want to focus on all that other shit..
I met some really great people in high school that totally made a difference in my life. My ex-boyfriend Matt, who was very intelligent, sporty, focused, encouraging and a loving soul. His parents were very good people and raised great young men.
Matt, helped me tremendously in High School. I looked up to his achievements and it sparked something inside me to try harder in school and love myself. He is/was a truly kind person and am Very grateful to have met him.

(I made this for my honey Sekou, I love you babe!)
Reminds me of that poem that went around the internet a while back, heck may still be traveling it for all I know, because its a good one..The one that pertains to "there are some people you meet in life and are friends for a season...Some for a lifetime..etc..know that one? Anyways..I totally click with it.
Alex, he sparked my spirituality curiosities which through my desire to learn more through Matt lead me on that adventure and I have been there ever since. Bridgett, she is/was my total "dreamer/inventor/encouraging/giggle buddy..

Wendy, "Mom", she nurtured me, calmed me and we had A LOT of fun adventures and laughs.
Kim, it was through seeing how she used her creativity to support herself, through following her heart, that lead me to doing the same, and we too had a lot of laughs.
And now...the Universe has lead me to so many wonderful new and positive people in my life, people of like mind.
All because I am following my heart!

I feel at home in their positivity.
Sekou, Genie, Julie, LOVE you!
I am grateful.
PS. Please check out Kelly Rae Roberts latest post...It's a good inspiring one, well they all are but I really liked this one :)


  1. That's what I like about blogging. You meet so many nice people who want to support you along.

  2. Thanks for following me and checking out my blog. I love your blog too and your art is amazing I love it SOOOOO much and I will tell my family what I want for gifts hehe

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