Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Does your Heart Say?

First I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my two oldest children..
Luke who just turned 16, oh my, and Ava who turned 14.
I love you both sooo much and wish you the best in all your life adventures. I am here for you always..Love Love Love and hugs!
My heart says I am totally grateful..
I know I repeat this phrase often but I find it to be of the utmost necessity to give thanks for all that that surrounds me and all that I am :)
I am surrounded by such wonderful friends and family that it makes me want to explode with hearty glitter sparkles.
Indie is growing so fast and every moment with him I am in awe of his spirit, being here with us.
I kiss him up, lots of sniffing his yummy baby scent..
He's beginning to mimic basic words we say and can babble up such a story.
Everyday I try to focus on our children understanding why we "work" (for me it feels like play). That they understand that we are following our passions and being loving parents too.
If I don't focus on that thought, sometimes my mind can wander to feeling like I am choosing to make art/run a business over being a parent and that I should just be with them.

It is my desire to keep the balance.
Lately I have been thinking more about community.
How can I be involved yet keeping to what I love to do, because that is when the energy I give the strongest, most beneficial.

I was thinking of going around the neighborhood, introducing myself (I know some of my neighbors names but...we all have our separate lives) Thinking of giving one of my business cards to each of them and letting them know that if there is anyway I can be of

service, as part of our community, using the skills that come from following my heart, to please call me..I would love to help :)
If I can make art and donate pieces to help raise money for specific events and such...If I can do some gardening for our neighborhood (love to dig, rake, wheelbarrow, plant flowers)
Design a logo or such for not for profits and so on and so forth.
I would like to be of service doing what I love.
I think it sets a great example for our children.

Sidetrack..My Iphone was out of commission last week, got it back Friday the third, Ava's birthday :)
Anyways..the day the screen froze on it (white screen of death) the phone for some reason took a picture of the last way the screen looked, exactly with time and date that it failed..
Peculiar...I was messaged by the loving voice in my space, to look up the numbers in the Angel Number book by Doreen Virtue..
time 8:46 5/29/2011
8) Abundance and prosperity..Infinite flow of money time ideas or whatever else you require (especially for your life purpose)
46) The angels are saying to you: "keep your thoughts focused upon your spiritual self and your divine source for everything. Give any material worries to us"
5)A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It's a good idea to call upon heaven for help with life changes. :)
29) Stay positive about your life purpose, put all your focus on being of service, utilizing your natural talents, passions and interests. Doors are opening for you..Just keep your faith strong.
2011) Your connection with the creator is strong and clear. Fill your heart and mind with faith, stay positive, your thoughts are materializing rapidly...Focus only on the good within yourself, others, and the present.
If you ever find yourself seeing a repetitive number, or a number that just makes you think hmmm...The Angel numbers book is a fun, loving tool to have.
Ooooo and I got my new tent. I Love it!! Can't wait to fill it with creations!!!
I got this lovely tent through Flourish
and I couldn't be happier with their service AND products.
Their customer service it EXCELLENT!
They even sent me this amazingly helpful book "Art Festival Guide" written by Artist Maria Arango
The book is an extremely useful guide,
"A book for all brave Artist's who embark on the treacherous and most wonderful adventure of selling their art in art festivals and generally to the public"
Thank you Luke, for including that in my order..It is greatly appreciated :)

have a great day all and hugs..Pass it on :)

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  1. I know that Dress for Success and Life Senior Services both take donated art for their silent auctions they have once a year. Dont know if these are in your area but thought I would throw that out there.