Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh what the H e double L

Oh what the flup!
Am I just on an endless reach for what I want?
Are my dreams too big?

Am I crazy or all of the above?
Well, I may be crazy, but I like to think my crazy is
"the good kind to be?"
Oh what the flup..
A friend just gave me an article to read..
Was she trying to tell me something or was it just...
just I don't know what?

I'm all flustered...You know what...
If it doesn't feel good then it is not in sync with my heart.
that's one of my rules..

(Here is a wrist clutch my mom made)

Sometimes I forget about that..
I am now beginning to feel as if this is a divine subject for me to blog about, so here I am,
Pixy Pocahontis...

Someone wrote an article about
when to give up dreams.
Specifically titled
"When to let go of a Dream"
We'd never tell you to give up, BUT sometimes, a satisfying life grows from knowing when to trade one vision for another-and savoring what you've learned along the way.
by Brett Paesel

This is in the November issue of Self magazine
I'm just gonna start out by saying this..
In life, it's all about balance..
Joy, growth, physical, spiritual, love, IMO...

(This is my mom Carol)

The balance of these things are so simple yet so hard for many.

What does your heart say? What brings you Joy?

If you listen to your heart you will always find the way to your dream, In one form or another.
It's when we make assumptions, take things personally, not true to our word and don't do our best that we are not following the divine guidance of our hearts.
"If you regularly check to see if your dreams need an update, you can move forward and spare yourself a world of pain"

Well Brett, What if we have not yet achieved our dreams,

and are working enJOYably everyday towards our dream
and....what if we infinitely worked toward that dream everyday,

(Click the picture above to go to my mom's Etsy)

but it was the "picture/vision" of the dream that motivated you, inspired

(another ones of Grams Little Bags)

you, and through that inspiration and following of the heart you inspired others.

(click picture)

And by following this guidance of your heart you always had everything you ever needed...

(all the crochet's things are made with Love by my mom)

Things just came to you like little gifts..
I may be one of few, that believe in this truth,
but I don't think so..
Everything you'll ever need resides in your heart..
If it came from the heart...believe in it!

Joyfully chase it,
grow from the chase..
It is when we are no longer growing that we find ourself out of balance.
Center yourself

What does your heart say?

Now...I'm not going to let you go on thinking that I am practically perfect in every way..
But I am..perfect, giggle
So are you.
I am just learning, practicing everyday,

Living the balance of Spirit in the physical.
The balance of "following your heart/spirit" living in this
physical world of illusions..

Being able to stay focused in pure joy and love (spirit/heart)

while so many in the world focus on the negative things,

fear, worry, jealousy, illusions

It makes it difficult to not get sucked in..
This is where Faith comes in..

Don't let others illusions create an illusion for you
follow your heart

Have faith in what you believe in..
All hearts are one
No matter the difference of appearance
and lastly..

see only love
and again one ever said this was easy
and no one ever said it was so simple..
which is the truth?
Much much love and thank you for
sharing your love with me.


  1. Amen! Thanks for sharing a beautiful post and speaking truth from the heart! Namaste
    p.s. i love your crochet mandala bag (and Pixi Pochahontas).

  2. Thank you Millie..The crochet'd items were made by mom..I'm getting ready to help post them in her shop for her.. :)
    What a huge day :) Rest and peace :)

  3. Wow! Maybe you should review your dream and become a writer! LOL Namaste! Wonderful Post!

  4. giggle, thank you..What a beautiful day, Have a great weekend all!!!!