Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Goes Into Making a Pixy Pocahontis Headband :)

Have a little Pixy, free spirited and fun, have a little Pocahontis 
grounded and strong, what's that say? 

"Pixy Pocahontis."
 Hair accessories and thing-a-ma-bobbers made with love. 

Pixy Pocahontis hair accessories are made from 
various scraps of fabric, Feathers, ribbon, yarn, embroidery floss, tulle, a tad of glue, buttons, trinkets and more.
 Love Love Love..

This is the KEY ingredient. 
Oh yeah, also Just letting go and following your heart.

What does it say? 
Does it say put flowers with zig zag? 
"Just fucking do it!"

It's gonna look awesome :)
When making these little beauties I start with a 
favorite type of plain headband.

(My favorite is Goody's fabric covered ones in bright primary colors. They have a medium thickness and thin..)
In this demonstration a plain plastic headband from goody is being used.
I start with some fabric that I've cut into 1 1/2-2 inch wide strips that are about a yard long.
A rotary cutter is GREAt for cutting the strips.
Get your glue gun..
I prefer the hottest guns for a super melted in the fabric connections.
No unraveling here...
Start at one end of your headband and glue down your fabric and begin to wrap it around until you get to the other end.
Glue again..

The glue will burn your skin off, down to the bone.

You can then layer bits of fabric here and there if you desire, like a little patch work effect or like putting a 
garter belt on your headband:)

I also like to embellish it with random bits of
 embroidery floss and tulle..
Here and there..
Just following my heart in the process..
Feels good..
Some headbands are embellished with 

Rosette thing-a-ma-bobbers, some with feathers, some with bits of scrap fabric, ribbon or tulle..
Oh and again..
Lots of joy!
Some of the headbands smell sooo good from the 
use of essential oils in the process.
Oh geeze how do I explain the process of making the Rosettes?
Here it goes..


Get yourself a square-ish fabric base, sized a little larger than the size you want your rosette to be.
Take one of the strips of fabric that were cut for the headbands..
Make a knot at the very end of it.
Next, begin twisting and rolling the fabric around the knot, trying to create a circle around the knot..

now here is the tricky part..
Add little dabs of glue gun glue here and there to keep it secure and.....
Do this without burning the crap out of your fingers :)
What ever hurts us only makes us stronger right???
Once You get it to a desirable size glue
 it down onto your square-ish base, 

trim off excess..
Now you are ready to secure it to the headband. 
"oh gosh"
 All of a sudden I am really cravin' a gin/vodka tonic.
Is that wrong? lol
Next a little extra tulle strips are tied onto the headband,

 near where the rosette will be, but not too close together because you need a semi smooth area of headband to glue the rosette to.

Now extra bits of fabric scraps 
are layered upon, constructed together, 
to form some extra embellishments for underneath the the rosette..

They are glued to the back of the rosette..
And then the rosette patch is glued onto the headband

Cute, eh? :)

Last thing..If you live semi close by... 
and you are interested in having a girls luncheon or a ladies craft night watch for my posts on my Nato Botto Art Facebook page and/or The Abbey's.
I am in the works of scheduling some fun classes/projects to make, 
Just in time for the Holiday's.
Would you like to make a headband for someone?
Stay tuned for more information..

Pixy Pocahontis is...
Creations from the heart..
Oh and thank you Genie for taking such Lovely photos and demonstrating the process for me. 
Your hands are so beautiful :)
You are Beautiful!

Looking forward to explaining the
Baked Fruitcake concept one day.
Curious aren't ya?


  1. Not so curious about the fruit cake but the headbands are fabulous. I love how much detail you put into them.

  2. :) The Baked Fruitcake is a concept not actual fruitcake :)