Friday, July 24, 2009

Blissful Living Gathering Saturday 11-3

Good Morning! Today is gonna be a jam packed whammy of a day:) Just Describing..Tags to make for the new artist at the Vineyard and The Abbey, Arlene Ligori whose work is fantastic, going to change out some artwork and meet the new owners of "Thinking Blue", working on this Twitter and Bloggy poo, sitting on my booty trying to get out there in the web, Ooo making these pendants with old used stamps from the late sixties early seventies, drooling over Danita Art,playing with my hair, writing useless nonsense when I should be doing someting more, SO I will:) One more thing...Have a great day! IT's Frrriiidaayyy! How come that word felt so much better in school? Now its just the end of a week leading into yet another wonderful adventure which is cool too:)

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