Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goooddd Morning Sunshines!!!

Oh man this is not the best picture and pictures usually say 1000 words but... this is the only one I could find for this .. I designed this display wall for The Abbey when they got a new product, Tea Forte. The back ground is tissue paper with a wash on it and there is a tree in the background as well as decoupaged scrapbook paper leaves. It came out awesome. The Boxes on the wall were salvaged from the Gap during the closing of one of their stores and I painted them in random colors. IT came out great! We have had so many compliments on it. Funny though, one of the older customers said, "oh its so lovely, it looks like easter" lol BUT besides that comment a lot of people said that it reminds them of Anthropologie, which I'll take that compliment any day, wahoo!!
As for the agenda for today... Blissful Living Gathering from 11-3 at The Vineyard. AND...Today I am being interviewed for an article in the newspaper and I will be explaining how this gathering came to be, who's involved and etc. I am slightly bummed though because a lot of our Mastermind Group crew, are out of town and I really wanted them in any picture that were taken so I'm feeling a little naked and I am asking the universe that I say all the right things to make a clear description of what we are all about. I have to put on my confident panties today and be a sparkliee star:) Today is going to be a great day. Ohhhh and I think I'm going dancing tonight, yeah!!

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