Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend of Boogies and Bookshelves :)

I have been a busy Bee :)
To bring you all up to date I have been doing the following:
1. Helping a friend do a remodel on her Brand Newly owned Bookstore
It's located in Edwardsville, IL.
I am soooo excited about the grand re-opening that will be held on Wednesday June 1st. and until then I am focusing on service.
I am very happy for Lu Lu and I wish her all the best in the world!!

And most of all I congratulate her for totally following her heart!
I am very grateful to have lend a hand in the decorative painting and creative design realm..AND..Am excited to have a wonderful new place to display my work, especially being the new line of Journals,
bookmarks and notecards that are coming soon!
It's going to be an awesome sight for current customers and all the new ones it will acquire.
2. I have been battling a freaking COLD!!! What the heck..I have not gotten one of these bad boys in a long time. This one especially sucks and the little one caught it too :(
IT just totally creeped up on my over night and hit hard..poop
Cold, it's time for your departure!
3. I don't know how many of you are aware of this because I spaced (cold, bookstore, getting ready for Kelly Rae Blog Sponsorship)
doing a blog entry on this, but...
I had a fund raising drive on Friday where 100% of proceeds from sold jewelry items in my shop were donated to the Red Cross..
At the end 240.00 was raised and I donated it last night and boy did that feel good :)
thank you Everyone!
4. Silly but cute, I had this idea to make a Mommy Daddy Doll for

He has been having a bit of separation anxiety lately and I figured that maybe if he had a doll with a picture of us on it he might

feel a little better.. I also infused it with Lavender..
The image you will see is just my first attempt
(actually Genie and I sewed it)
I plan on making another with a better head and a little thicker body. What do you think of the idea?I think it would be great for

babies who miss their mommies and

daddies too!
Genie brought up that she thought that it would be a great doll for people in the military or parents who leave for business trips days at a time. Your comments are greatly appreciated..
I hope you all have a great day, sniff, hack, sneeze :)


  1. Natalie, you have the biggest heart, I swear! That is fantastic on the donations. I'll never be able to thank you enough for all your contributions to the store and more importantly, to me. I am also beyond excited and can't wait to see your creations and to proudly display them. : ) Thank you for all your support and for inspiring me to follow my heart! xoxo

  2. I Love those dolls! You are an Amazing artist!