Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Art in the works...Preparation...Healing

Just as I was thinking...

Oh geeze, it's getting late, I STILL haven't sat down
to paint today..Blah blah blah..
Getting down on myself

(I slept until 12:00 today cause I have a freaking cold)
And I looked at the clock, once again and what did it say?
2:22, know what that means....
I wanted to
I got out my handy dandy Angel numbers 101 book by Doreen Virtue..
This is what it said :)

Trust that everything is working out exactly as its supposed to,
With divine blessings for everyone involved.
Let go and have faith.

This past weekend was...
I'll I can say is "HOLY COW"
That is all on that subject, oh wait, except..
On top of that..My grandfather George Bottoms, passed away this weekend as well.

He was a man of many adventures and always did his best.
Gave 100% to everything and helped many.
Love you Grandpa Bodie :)
Focusing on positive light...
Here's a peek of whats going down

in the studio right now

I will finish with some beautiful pictures I took,

last minutes of the sun..

Of Ava and Jordan

my beautiful daughters

and awesome models!

Next week...A demonstration of

Pixy Pocahontis headbands,

through pictures...
Hope to see you here :)

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  1. Great headbands! Summer colds are the worst!