Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun things to do...

Have you ever had a Mothership?
It's a beer, for those of you who haven't..
It's a keeper.. :)
It's a fun
I also had a blast playing with these unicorns during my last photo shoot of my newest earrings, Pixy's Hooters..
There are some in the shop now, but many more to list and each one is as cute and FUNky as can be :)
Guess who's going to be ONE on Friday....
Yepster, Mr. Indie Xavier..
Happy Birthday Indie...We love you!!!

You know what else is a fun thing?
Playing car bowling with old jar lids and pull back/wind up cars..
Indie loves his cars, Especially these ones from Target
He could play all day with them, crawling around, overwinding them, lifting them up, letting the wheels spin, sound effects and all...
Anyways...I had a drawer full of lids that for some reason when unloading the dishwasher the kids never threw them in the recycle bin, again..anyways...

Who'd of thought that I would end up lining them up on the floor like shuffleboard and pulling those cars back and letting them drive into the herd of lids, exploding them everywhere!
Ah the fun! Indie loves that game, I do too :)

Have a great night!


  1. Have a good weekend! I may go to an art/music show tonight. My friend is playing the guitar and I am helping a Dr. get his art put somewhere.

  2. That sounds like a great night...I'd like to go see some live music too sometime mixed in with that sounds even more wonderful...what type of art does your friend do? Has he tried any coffee shops to display at?

  3. Oh happy Birthday to your little man! I've been a horrible friend, blogger, mom, wife! Well summer just sucks the life outta me with entertaining the kiddos. And now I'm planning my 40th Birthday for next sat. with 100 people coming, so I"m a little crazy!

    Hope to get back to regular blogging when the kiddos get back to school, yippee!


  4. Natalie,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words on my blog today. I will look for you at the Chicago area art shows. I hope to see you and your beautiful.