Monday, August 1, 2011

How Many Times can I say Time Warp :)

I know it's been awhile since I last posted..
I promise I am not a slacker, lol.
I have been busily at work.
I know, I know,
I should be sharing this process with you all more because if you are here reading my blog you must like it and be curious about what the heck is going on..
I am building balance, constructing my business how I would like it to be..Exactly..Tweeking it here and there..
On top of that I am preparing for three art shows I am in...
In the beginning of Sept. Amy Amdur show in Downers Grove
End of September Strange folk and the beginning of October..Highland Art in the Park.

I totally feel like I have a much clearer vision now of where I want to go and am looking forward to sharing it all with you..
But...things take time, especially when your a mama.
So please I hope you are all patient with my voids in blogging...
OH a totally good note...We now have a new nanny starting up next week! yay!
Forgot to mention this bit of info...On top of all the things going on around here..I have been without my normal nanny help since beginning of June.

I would also like to say...Please, all you mommies out there, make sure you have a totally trustworthy person taking care of your little one..I will not go into any details but something happened here with our past nanny that totally dented my trust.
I have confidence that our new Lady will be a good match.
So..I know this is a rambling post..but I wanted to say hello and I miss you all!
It is my plan to be on schedule with regular postings starting the week of August 15th..They will consist of a full blog post every Wednesday and little tidbit samplers throughout the week..
I have fun projects to share, teach and inspire with..
And of course my random babbles.
"The Pixy Pocahontis"
(That phrase (from my product line) was pinned to me by Mis Snell of Peridot, in St Louis)
Peridot is an amazing place to find the most Original, eccentric, quirky, beautiful, colorful, inspiring handmade goods!


  1. Hope everyone is ok.

  2. Congrats on finding a new nanny and the upcoming exciting! I am sorry that you were betrayed by someone you trusted so completely. I admire you as not many would have handled it with the grace and compassion that you did.

  3. All is well :) thank you both for the kind words...peace