Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I find myself to be a very abundant person.
What made me start my blog with that statement?
Well, let me say first, that
I am VERY grateful,
for everything.
Life is so full when there is so much to be happy for.. so many things loved and therefore...
I am abundance of life :)
I would like to share with you a little bit of the abundant creation going on at Nato Botto Art...
This is part of the Titanic collection.
If you have not seen the introduction to the collection you can go back to one of my older posts and see the inspiration behind the creations.
When looking upon the pictures, they remind me of trinkets that have fallen to the bottom of the sea and have been discovered by
artist mermaids who've turned them into these beautiful creations. They have a wet look to them, almost as if they were just retrieved from the bottom of the ocean and are dripping with water of the seas.
The movement they have when hanging from your ears is playful and sexy.
They move like seaweed drifting in tide.

Below...the Inspirational spread for the Titanic collection

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  1. lovely, Natalie.
    keep up the beautiful bonny blue work