Friday, November 19, 2010

You Never Know When You will See Your Babies

This is so beautiful! I opened our mail today to find this...

This is one of our headbands, a Pixy Pocahontis, on the cover of a pamphlet for our daughters school.
What a wonderful, happy surprise :)
It brought tears of happiness to my eyes, silly I know but it made me so happy.
I wonder if that was intentional or just
luck of the Pixy :)


Another thing that made me so happy...
My friend Chris wore a pair of Nato Botto earrings for her wedding.
This is awesome!
Aren't they beautiful?
The couple that is, giggle.
The photographer of their wedding pictures is Rebecca Doehring.
Great Work!!!

They also had their wedding rings made by a fellow Etsy Artist.
I love handmade!

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