Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hellloooo Tuesday and What a Great Day You Are!

Well still learning about this photo uploading thing, for as one can see this picture is not the best quality. I WOULD erase it and do over but I don't know how to erase this darn photo out of this blog post, ahhhh, another learning journey....
ANYWAYS on to the goodness of the day..
I love these new earrings.
I also came up with my tattoo designs and am sooo looking forward to getting them too.. BUTTTT I have to get the courage to have them all done too. lol
That very reason, fear, is why I totally want them. They will be like my wonder woman wrist bands repelling any doubt from myself or others. One will say "Faith"-plant your seed the other wrist saying "just be"-no attachments One could read the two wrists together as "Faith, Just be" OR "Just be faith" I like the second of the two.
Just be faith, it's as simple as that. Faith in who we are as individuals, without judgement. With this faith we could all reach the stars, ya know.. I'm heading that way...If anyone needs a little wrist power let me know. I'd be glad to flash em. :)
I love today!!! It felt so good. Thank you universe for whispering in my ear and planting such wonderful visions in my head. I am so grateful..
I love my husband, he is a beautiful man and is working extremely hard right now and could use a great big hug from us all. Could you vision up a hug for him?? Sekou, babe, here's a hug for you XXXXXXXXXX, oh wait is that the kiss? lol OOOOOOOOOOOO Oh who cares he can get both. Love you honey. Thank you for believing in me, even when I seem to be all over the place. Thank you for seeing the pieces to my puzzle and how they all fit together, and that its all just a matter of time, good, loving, time.
Have you told someone you love them and are grateful for them today???
Genie, I am grateful for all your help, friend :)

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  1. It is SOO important to be grateful. Thanks for the reminder! I can't wait to see your's and Genie's creations LIVE and to be in the company of your great mind and soul :) Heres to a lightful and productive (on my end) week. Please send your great friend (G.) and the family my love. x