Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh those beautiful pieces!!!

Yesterday was Great!!!! Such focus and very pleasantly organized creative energy here at studio Nato Botto Art.

I worked on finding an illustrator/avatar/banner/business card/letterhead designer for the new adventures that are about to take flight, and for a more "professional" look to Nato Botto Art.I was successful in finding someone, now my next step is to contact them with details.. OOOOO I hope she is interested in taking this project on, because her work is awesome and I think it would be a great collaborative fit.

A Glimpse of Baked Fruitcake......
Baked fruitcake....slogan: Creations baked from the most wonderful ingredients by some peeps following their hearts.....

It's mission: to showcase in a catalog, one of a kind creations from the heart made by a collaboration of artists.

It's purpose: is to help support artists so that they can make a sustainable living doing what they love.
We also want to be an encouragers of following one's heart so that we all plant our seeds and create an abundance of goodness in the world.
Baked fruitcake's purpose is also to donate to The Follow Your Heart Foundation through sales.
Now what is the Follow your heart foundation you ask??

A Pinch of Follow Your Heart... be an encourager of following one's heart. If we all followed our heart our pieces would all fit together beautifully and what a beautiful picture we would create for the world.

Purpose..To help to those who are following their heart and need some assistance and guidance to help make their dreams come true. It is also our purpose to donate to organizations that are in alignment with the Follow Your Heart Foundation.
More detailed information to come, this is just a sip :)
If one were to go back to an older post, The crystal project, you can get another feel how the follow your heart foundation wishes to help spread love throughout the world :)

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  1. I had nooo idea you had a blog!
    Shame on me!
    So good to hear from you!
    LOVE it here!
    will definitely come back and visit.
    your jewelry and art are such an inspiration to me --
    you rock!