Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Going Down in the Town..Giggle

I've been diving in a lot lately..
Diving into the divineness of creation..

Swimming in it's color

Stopping mornings to network
Velcroing myself to the pilots seat
taking off into the
Web in search of people to share with.

Ways to spread the love.
I have been flying pretty stealth
promoting many artist's through the
wonderful world of tweeting.
Then back to the hub, the hatch patch
off to the world of creating..

On a Sad note:

My Grandfather passed this week :(
Although I am sad
I find it to be a blessing for him.

He will be greatly missed.
He was a wonderful man.
Sparkle in his big blue eyes.
Bear paw hands
smell of cigars
shoe horn
models models models.
He was a Master model maker.
Unbelievable the things he could create with his
hands as HUGE as they were.
Ice cream, popcorn, waffles with plenty of butter
Peanut butter and butter sandwiches
Big wet smooches on the cheek and
hugs ended with heavy pats.
He was the creator of many humorous
phrases of curses that made sense but didn't
but did. lol
I will remember you in your glory days not your last.

(2009 Jordan left Ava right playing dress up with gramma's clothes)

Beautiful soul, rest in peace yet soar
where ever your heart desires.
You are free
Love u


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather passing. The whole world is his model now. Keep the love showing, flowing, growing... It's coming back to you tenfold.

  2. Kyla your words are beautiful and brought tears. The world is his model now..I just love that:) thank you friend :)
    Hugs and love.