Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Oh beautiful Monday
Fabulous Sunday

What brings my way today?
Well lemme say focus is an issue today.
I think I got a loose spark plug or something.
Need to check under the hood..
"Oh coffee, where art thee?"
"Let me fly to you and absorb your robust steady boldness"
"Your scent so delights me and my eyes widen with just a sip"
Oh this was hours ago, ya see I still haven't finished this blog posting..Focus man,... she, is getting the better of me today.
Everything is such rattling candy wrappers in my ears.
Like the dog on the kids movie "Up".
Steadily focusing and then all of a sudden
and I am off to another subject.
So much to do..
I am grateful.
"Call on Patience, when you need patience."
She is a character in the Pixy Pocahontis
She was created for a reason..
Every time I see her I remember..
"Every thing is falling together in divine timing.
All I can do is my best."
Do you need patience?
I wanna share some photos of the little guy
cause he is just so darn cute
(Sidetrack right?)
and growing at the speed of light..

This may be an unusal blog set up..I am having some very odd technical thingy's going on here..This could be fun...A change? Random Strangeness..

Well here is Lukas and Indie..He is such a good brother to Indie..

Oh this post is just cracking me up with this strange layout..I'm feeling a little out of my element and it's just a darn blog post..Feeling like I've lost some control or something over this blogging silly is that..Well you know what that means? It's time for some oils..

At the very top of my blog on the right side is a photo that looks similar to this one..It is a link to one of my favorite health essentials. I really hope you take a peek. And I want to share with you that I am going to be giving some oils away.. Please keep an eye out on Facebook for details..I want to share how wonderful they are with you..And let you experience how much they can truly can be beneficial in our everyday well being. I truly believe that all hospitals should include the use of essential oils. I won't go into all the details now, but know...
They can be extremely helpful in the stabilizing of peaceful, harmonious, joyful, positive, loving, caring, kind, energy which is the kind of energy every healing practitioner of any modality should always reside in.
I think it would be very well suited being diffused in a waiting area, nurses stations, patient recovery rooms, pre op, physical therapy, mental therapy..
STRESS relief!
The uses are endless..
These are NOT perfumes, these are medicinal AND wonderfully smelling, good for you and can be used in place of perfume.
And ingested, crazy right?
Obviously I am not advising you to go out and start eating essential oils but this brand you can..
There are guidelines, books, etc..
Any questions, please ask :)

Ohhh one of my favorite songs of "now"
is on..
It's a Nora Jones..
Not my Friend
I love the instrumentals in it.
Here is one of my newer necklaces that have not been added to the
shop yet. It is made form fun ribbons, knotted with raw wood beads.
There is a purpose..
I really thought it would be cool to massage a little shea butter or
coconut oils ALONG with
Essential oils!
They are wonderful and the scents linger all day to the next..
AND you can use it to massage your neck by un-tieing (is that a word?) it applying your oils and butter and rubbing it across the back of your neck, under your nostrils (giggle, kidding), wherever you please.
Also I think it could be a really cool camping necklace to rub oils
on that would help to repel insects.
Yep these oils work for that too.
AND, again..
They are good for you:)
If you want any oil recipes just leave me a message.
I will be happy to assist!

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