Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Follow your Heart Story..

This past week/weekend my mom came to visit..
It was nice.
Look at the adorable blankie she made for Indie..
So Sweet.
Thank you Gramma!
She shared her new creations with me,

We took pictures of them..
so she can put them in her new Etsy Shop.
Stop in sometime soon if you'd like to make a purchase or just to spread the love

This is one of her adorable little necklace pouches.
I think they would be great for going to summer
festivals and such.
you can stick your keys, bankcard/cash, chapstick
in them.

I love her little wristlets.
No onto the Follow your heart story...

When Spirit calls I listen,
Even if it seems a little off the wall.
Sometimes it does :)
This was one of those times
but I had faith that there was a reason.
My heart said to go give my mom a hug,
hold her tight, tell her how much she is loved and
that she can let go of anything that is holding her back
release her yuck to the universe.
We all have some yuck to let go of.
here is the odd part :)
As I was walking down the stairs I passed one of my crystals,
why it was lying in the hallway I have no idea.
I don't recall putting it where it was.
But it called to me and a vision came in my head.
A vision of and the phrase
"stick the crystal in her heart"
is what I felt/saw.
I know odd right?
But I trusted the process and I went right down to my mom
hugged her, spoke to her and then
asked her to stick the crystal in her heart,
hold it there and meditate for five minutes.
She smiled and did.
Later she came up to the studio and said..
"I know this is gonna sound strange but when I opened my
eyes everything seemed brighter, more colorful."
Wow! I thought, so cool.
While she was meditating I drew a picture for her,
like a custom medicine card for her to put in one of her little pouches.
It was of two people facing each other, with a tornado-ish swirling brown energy coming from her heart, flowing out to the sky and being transformed into love energy.
I think she experienced what I drew and that is why she saw clearer
more vivid..clouds were removed.
All of this begins another adventure for me..

I would love to make custom medicine cards for people.
To be continued :)
Have a great day!

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