Friday, April 1, 2011

This week was a roller coaster..
Started the week with a photo shoot with K Photography..

After that I got the Yuck and slept all day Wednesday :(
all better now.
Thursday was full of creation
Friday too
Getting ready to blast off.
Wanted to leave you all with some shots from the week:)

Love Amulets

This one came out SOOOO freaking cute..This is her beginning stages..
Her name is Joy, she is one of Pixy Pocahontis's friends..
Amulets..Can't wait to share them with you all..
Oooo I got another follower..Makes me happy :)

Fun Angel cards, We use them daily..
Gives us helpful, positive, loving messages to
focus on while we create or do our daily
happenings :) It gives us a time for silent meditation
even if its just for a few minutes..
You can find them through Amazon:

There are also some great books listed on the side bar as well if you are curious..

Photo shoot fun...

Sundae, putting his peaceful Kitty energy into the necklaces :)

Genie, assembling the bookmarks with LOVE... cute..
You can get one in the shop
or you can get one free as a thank you with any purchase:)
Kaleigh from K photography,
great eye..

Essential oils, I use them daily, frequently..
Helps with focus, aches that may occur during long bouts of creation,
Meditation, and just to keep healthy:)
Keeps your energy levels up, frequencies high, helps to repel
negative energy. Did you know that viruses have frequencies?
If you are vibrating at a low frequency due to stress, lack of sleep, etc. you are vibrating more at a frequency of illness and the law of attraction states like attracts like, ya know?
If you are curious about the oils leave me a note

Going over some great shots...

This is only the words from a piece I worked on this week that came out AWESOME!!!!!
Can't wait to show it.
You will have to come back next week to
see the images from the photo shoot.
Have a fantastic weekend all!!!
And remember..
You heart is your compass, follow it..
Just fucking do it!
It'll bring you Joy

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